Volunteering / Volunteer Badge

Find out more about the new Pony Club Volunteer Badge! Click here to register for your badge.

The Volunteer Badge was launched as part of the Cubitt Awards ceremony on June 1st 2015 and is supported by International event rider and former Pony Club Member Zara Phillips MBE.

The Pony Club relies on the support of its fantastic network of volunteers - without them, it would not be possible to run all of the rallies, camps and events that are offered to Members.

ALL of our volunteers are valued and so we have launched the new Volunteer Badge as something our volunteers can wear and be proud of!

Volunteers are the backbone of The Pony Club.
The Pony Club could not provide young riders with all the fantastic opportunities it does, without the dedication and time given by the huge body of volunteers it has. THANK YOU!”

Zara Phillips MBE, International event rider, former Pony Club Member and supporter of the Volunteer Badge.

You can apply online for your Volunteer Badge HERE

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