Volunteering / DAKS Award

The Friends of DAKS Award, was instigated by DAKS to recognise the many unsung volunteers who have quietly dedicated a lifetime of service and devotion within The Pony Club. 

The 2018 DAKS Award was presented at the Royal Windsor Horse Show by DAKS on Sunday 13th May.

The 2017 recipient was Norman Hudson

“Norman is in his 80’s who has helped us at EHNPC for nearly 40 years and is quite frankly amazing! I have tried to get him a UK Honor but no luck so far, I have over 20 letters of support for him from our Vets to previous DC’s and committee members, Children and parents, in fact just everyone who has had the pleasure to be around him. I can send you copies of some of these letters if that would help his cause, they really are amazing, I defy you not to cry over some of them!

Norman has been a volunteer for EHNPC for well over 30 years, all our children have been helped over the years by his incredible dedication and his unstinting support of our club. He even spent his 80th Birthday staying at Camp with us! 30 years ago EHNPC had 56 members it now has 190, one of the reasons is Normans tireless efforts to improve and help run our club. He has tirelessly devoted himself voluntarily, in fact it is very rare indeed that a horse or pony event in our area does not have some involvement with Norman. His knowledge makes him invaluable to us all, his kindness and good humor even in the most miserable of conditions is exceptional, any problem, logistical or practical will always be sorted with a smile and his expertise. ‘Ask Norman’ has become a byword in our PC as he will always have an answer and a smile. He has over the years, built our courses, fence judged, scored, set up camp, help run camp, mend fences, cut back hedges, helped cook meals, built an entire course of mobile 75cm XC fences and Show Jumps, which are still hugely popular at all our events, he has spent so much of his spare time helping our club run smoothly, efficiently and safely that now he has almost retired it has left a huge void which is almost impossible to fill. Quite frankly he irreplaceable, he will always be ‘Our Amazing Norman”.

Diane Pegrum
D.C. Essex Hunt North

Daks Winner 2017
(Image by Kit Houghton Photography)

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