Gift Aid

As a charity The Pony Club can reclaim gift aid on qualifying donations it receives. Gift aid is a very useful government scheme that means that each donation can be increased by 25%. The processing of gift aid claims is done centrally but all Branches can benefit from this scheme. In order to reclaim gift aid the donor has to be a UK taxpayer (not a limited company) and has to complete and sign a gift aid declaration form. HMRC’s template gift aid declaration form can be used for this and this can be downloaded from the website.

Once a Branch has obtained a qualifying donation and a completed gift aid declaration then they can send this to the finance team at The Pony Club office. Once the claim is processed and the gift aid received from HRMC, then this will be passed on to the Branch.

In order for a donation to qualify it must be a genuine donation for which the donor receives no material benefit. For example, a sponsorship payment where the sponsor receives promotion of their business, for example in programmes or at an event, is not considered a qualifying donation. However, a donor can be briefly thanked in programmes or during an event and the donation will still be qualifying. For more information on the rules for qualifying donations please visit the website

If you have any queries regarding gift aid, please contact Andrew Brown in The Pony Club office.


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