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Capitations Returns

The next capitation return is due by 31st March 2018. This is the first capitation return for 2018. Manual copies of this capitation return will be sent to the District Commissioner of each Branch in March 2018. An email copy of this capitation return will also be sent to each Branch District Commissioner, Treasurer and Membership Secretary at the same time.

An Excel version of this capitation return, which can assist Branches in completing the form by performing the calculations for them can be downloaded here -
Capitation Return March 2018 v2

The following Guidance Notes will help Branches to complete their capitation returns - How To Complete your Capitation Return

For any old gift aid declarations from prior years (so gift aid declarations dated before 1st September 2017), please do not record these gift aid declarations on your current Capitation Return. Instead, please complete the ‘Claims for prior year gift aid declaration’ form and we will arrange for any credits to be paid to you separately from the capitation return.
An Excel version of this form can be downloaded - Gift Aid Prior Years18

If you have any unusual gift aid claims, you can send these in alongside the capitation return, but do not record these gift aid claims on the main capitation return or on the prior year gift aid form. You will be paid for these claims separately, so include them with the capitation return with a covering letter but do not amend the capitation return for these claims.

If you have any questions regarding capitation returns, please contact the Finance department who will be able to assist.

2018 Annual Report Form

The 2018 Branch Annual Report will not be due until 30th September 2018.

A copy of the current information we hold will be sent to the DC/JtDC for amendment in August 2018.

If you would like to fill in a copy of the blank form, blank copies can be found below in WORD and as a PDF download in August 2018.

For any enquiries, please contact Clare Boardman on 02476 698301 or email

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