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Branch Annual Accounts

This page is intended as a resource to help our treasurers prepare their Branch Annual Accounts each year.

Templates and Guidance Notes

The template for the Branch Annual Accounts for the year ended 2017 is now available here

Detailed page by page guidance notes for assisting you in preparing your Branch Annual Accounts are available here

We continue to provide a specific District Commissioner’s check list to aid them when they are reviewing their Branch’s Annual Accounts, should they wish to. This short, two page document highlights the key points that a District Commissioner should look for on each page of the Annual Accounts. It is available to view and download here

Accounting Detailed Notes and Worked Examples - We have produced a document of detailed notes on certain aspects of accounting and also worked examples to help people deal with areas such as unpresented cheques, debtors, creditors, stock and fixed assets in their Branch Annual Accounts. This document can be downloaded and the worked examples are also shown on an example version of the Accounting Adjustments sheet. The two documents are here and here

Accounting Adjustments Spreadsheet to aid preparation of Branch Annual Accounts - This Spreadsheet can be used to help you go from your initial Cashbook figures to the figures you require for your Branch Annual Accounts (taking into account items such as Debtors, Stock, Creditors and Fixed Assets), while making sure your balance sheet remains in balance. A completed example of it is used in conjunction with the worked examples in the guidance document above. Further instructions are also included at the top of the spreadsheet. Download it here


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