/ Beyond B Test

This series of Coach Development Days was started by the Training Committee in 2015, in order to help coaches prepare Members for the Pony Club A Test.

This is an interactive CPD day for coaches interested in or working with Members aiming towards The Pony Club B+ and A Tests. This course will refresh or help attendees to recognise and coach for the standards expected in B+ and A Test candidates. A maximum of 30 spaces are available on each day – it is aimed solely at those coaches who coach the higher levels: B Test upwards.

Each day follows the format of the A Test, and attendees watch, and coach, Pony Club Members who have recently passed their B+ and A Tests ride on the flat, show jump, ride cross country and lunge, so they can get a good idea of the different standards required for the Tests.

After every part of the day the attendees congregate to discuss what they have seen and share ideas, so everyone goes home inspired and with new ideas. Places on each day are limited to 30 people.


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