The Pony Club Tests / A Test Reunion

The Training Committee were delighted to extend a warm welcome to past and present Members of The Pony Club, who have achieved the A Test, to a special celebration event on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd June 2015!

Following The Pony Club’s 85th Anniversary in 2014, the Training Committee offered all A Test holders the opportunity to meet up, network, and share their experiences since passing the A Test, both within the equestrian industry and beyond.  The event was aimed to be a celebration of the pinnacle of The Pony Club’s training system, and of those who have achieved it.  1500+ people have passed the A Test, and the Training Committee wanted to find out what they do now, and what The Pony Club means to them and their family.  Finding contact details and getting in touch with A Test holders, was no mean feat, since we held no details, other than the date they passed, about the majority of A Test holders!  Thanks to word of mouth, contact details for over 400 people were supplied, and invites were sent out. 

A Test Reunion attendees at Addington Manor EC

The majority of the Training Committee achieved the A Test during their Pony Club career, and they are keen to keep in touch with potential future Committee members, who could help to carry the training ethos of all-round horsemanship and care forward in the years to come.  If anyone who holds the A Test, but did not hear about this event in time, would like to be included in future A Test events, please send details to

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