Member Opportunities / Ambassador Scheme

The Pony Club Ambassador Scheme is designed to acknowledge and reward Pony Club Members who have demonstrated their commitment and enthusiasm for The Pony Club.

Requirements for Ambassadors : 
• 18 years old or over
• Actively supportive in the Branch / Centre / Area
• A Pony Club member for a minimum of five consecutive years
• Willing to undertake duties as described in The Pony Club Ambassador Role Expectations and Opportunities
• Committed to The Pony Club aims and ethos. 

Ambassadors have been selected by a panel appointed by the Training Committee, for appointment from 2018 until 2020.

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Ambassador role expectations and opportunites

Pony Club Ambassadors Role Expectations

  • Get recognition for their contribution to The Pony Club
  • Show evidence of enthusiasm and positive approach to Pony Club
  • Be part of a network of other Pony Club Ambassadors and Members sharing information, ideas and actions
  • Act as a link between The Pony Club Office and Members in the development of new ideas
  • Promotion of The Pony Club and the benefits it provides
  • Gather and feedback Members’ views
  • Represent the views of Members to Area Representatives and Pony Club Committees
  • Act as a role model for younger Members
  • Speak positively about The Pony Club to any contacts you have who might be able to support us in the future.
  • Attendance at Area Meetings to represent the view of Members
  • Attendance at Area Competitions to meet and support other Pony Club Members
  • Attend Area Competitions, support members and potentially present prizes
  • Attendance of The Pony Club Championships
  • Be a voice for Pony Club Members


Alexandra Carr - West Lancashire County
Beatle Payne - Atherstone Hunt
Chloe Dawes - Berkeley Hunt
Emma McDonald - West Lancashire Ince Blundell
Ewan Macaulay - Morpeth Hunt
Flora Campbell - Chiddingfold Farmers
Meryl Hanmer - Llangeinor Hunt
Rowena Dorling - Park Lane Stables
Victoria Fenny - Weston Harriers Hunt
Jessica Brown - Ivel Valley
Jessica Campbell - Bisley and Sandown Chase
Chloe Collins - Chiddingfold Farmers
Harriet Fairhurst - Tickham Hunt
Zoe Kennerley - Gogerddan Hunt
Chloe Lloyd - Irfon & Tywi Hunt
Ailbhe McCormack - Wormwood Scrubs
Chris Milburn - North Warwickshire
Hazel Perry - Southdown Hunt (East)
Flora Rigby - Berwyn & Dee
Eilidh Smith - Inverness-shire
Anna White - Route Hunt

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