Coaching / Unity Coach Certification Prize Draws

Training bursaries available for Branches with fully certified coaches on Unity

As a youth focused charity it is vital that our coaches are fully compliant with our coach certification requirements so that we can be confident we are providing the safest possible environment for our members to learn in. We take the use of fully certified coaches very seriously for a number of reasons; not least because it is a stipulation of our insurers. Not only is it important that coaches are up to date, it is equally important that their records are up to date on our database system, Unity. This is so we can easily prove all our coaches are fully compliant when we need to, without having to contact them for further details. 

We realise that it takes a lot of effort on behalf of Branch volunteers to keep coaches up to date on our database, so as a way of thanking them for doing this work we will now be holding two quarterly prize draws where they can win a £200 or £250 training bursary for their Branch. There will be two prize draws that are further explained below.

1) Fully certified Coach prize draw - For each coach who is shown as fully certified a Branch will receive one ticket in the prize draw (if the coach is used by two or more Branches each Branch will get one ticket in the prize draw). Three tickets will be drawn at random from this prize draw every quarter, and each Branch will receive a £200 training bursary to use on training for their Branch. Please note a full certified coach is different from fully accredited coach. A supervised coach can be fully certified but won’t have in place all the requirements that a fully accredited coach requires.
Quarter 1 winners are Meynell Hunt (Area 6), Petersfield (Area 13) and South Devon Hunt Moorland (Area 16)
Quarter 2 winners are Blankney Hunt (Area 6), East Down (Area 17) and South Devon Hunt (West) (Area 16)
Quarter 3 winners are Atherstone Hunt (Area 7), Cobham (Area 11) and Flint & Denbigh Hunt (Area 5)

2) Fully certified Branch prize draw - If a Branch has all of its currently available coaches marked as fully certified they will receive one ticket in this prize draw. One ticket will be drawn from this prize draw at random every quarter and the winner will receive a £250 training bursary to use on training for their Branch. 
Quarter 1 winner is Wimbledon (Area 11)
Quarter 2 winner is Perth Hunt (Area 1)
Quarter 3 winner is Tiverton Hunt (Area 15)

We hope these training bursaries reward our volunteers in some way for their efforts in keeping coaches’ certifications up to date.

Please note that a coach can be marked as unavailable in Unity without completing all their personal details. This can be done through the “Mark coach as unavailable” button, which appears below the coach’s availability status in their profile when being viewed in “edit” mode. This should be used for coaches not currently being used, and so their details do not have to be kept up to date. No coaches being used should be marked as “Currently unavailable” on Unity.

Our plan is to update Unity further to enable coaches to have control of their own records and then they will be able to keep their own details up to date. However, until we do that we would ask for Branches to continue their work in keeping their Branch coaches’ certification information correct.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our Training officer Jackie Minihane on

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