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The UK Coaching Certificate provides a recognised stamp of quality coaching across all sport and across the UK. 

It has helped to raise the profile of equestrian coaching by establishing best practise coaching standards.  We now have a nationally recognised framework of qualifications for coach education developed by the UK’s most successful sports.
The introduction of UKCC has shifted the culture of coaching in the horse world.  A balance has been created between the traditional equestrian ‘what to coach’ skills (mainly focussing on the technical aspects of equestrianism) with greater emphasis on ‘how to coach’ skills (e.g. better two way communication, an understanding of different coaching and learning styles, continually reviewing, adapting and improving coaching sessions) leading to well planned effective coaching. 

UKCC makes it easier to identify the right coach for the right job from recreational enjoyment of equestrian sports to winning performance at the Olympics. 

The benefits UKCC can bring to you as an equestrian coach include:-

  • Effective, up to date ‘athlete-centred’ coaching skills.
  • A clearer pathway of opportunities for your personal and career development.
  • Access to best practice coaching standards and new coaching ideas developed across the UK by top sports coaches.
  • A greater understanding of high-quality world class coaching.
  • Access to expert advice and support on all aspects of coaching.
  • The satisfaction of helping your riders to achieve their goals
  • Encouragement to be the best coach that you can be.

The Pony Club currently offers the UKCC Generic Equestrian qualification at Levels 1, 2 and 3.


Level 1 The role of the Level 1 coach is to assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision

Level 2 The role of the Level 2 coach is to prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions. The technical equestrian knowledge required is around B Test level, and this coach will be able to plan a short series of linked lessons, e.g. for Camp or similar.  Candidates for level 2 courses must be able to demonstrate previous coaching experience.

Level 3 The role of the Level 3 coach is to plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes This coach has a technical knowledge at around A Test level. This coach could also “mentor” Level 2 coaches who needed support.

Level 4 UKCC Level 4 coaches will be visionary and knowledgeable decision makers who display exceptional skills, behaviours and the highest professional and ethical standards. They will advance their own and others’ development; lead cutting-edge programmes, or a specialist part of a programme; and make a positive impact on sport performance and behaviour.

Course 149 to be held at Muirmill Equestrian Centre, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA1 5SH - *REVISED DATES*
Day 1 - Tuesday 27th March 2018
Day 2 - Tuesday 24th April 2018
Day 3 -  Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Assessment - tbc
Contact - Lea Allen for more details.

Course 151 to be held at Murton Equestrian Centre, The Bridle, Murton Village, Shiremoor, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE27 0QD
Day 1 -  Wednesday 1st November 2017
Day 2 - Tuesday 19th December 2017
Day 3 -  Tuesday 30th January 2018
Assessment - Monday 5th March 2018
Contact - Shelley wilson for more details.

Course 152 to be held at Pathead EC, Kirriemuir,  DD8 5BY
Day 1 -  Tuesday 1st May 2018
Day 2 - Tuesday 29th May 2018
Day 3 -  Tuesday 19th June 2018
Assessment - Tuesday 14th august 2018
Contact - Lea Allen for more details.

To register you will be required to fill in the UKCC Application Forms which can be found on the application, registrations & further information tab.

Course 227 to be held at Muirmill Equestrian Centre, Symington, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA1 5SH *REVISED DATES*
Day 1 - Monday 26th February 2018
Day 2 -Tuesday 27th February 2018
Day 3 - Monday 26th March 2018
Day 4 - Monday 23rd April 2018
Day 5 -  Monday 21st May 2018
Assessment -  tbc
Contact - Lea Allen for more details.

Course 228 to be held at Hayfield Equestrian Centre, Hazlehead Park,Aberdeen, AB15 8BB
Day 1 - Thursday 19th April 2018
Day 2 - Friday 20th April 2018
Day 3 - Friday 29th June 2018
Day 4 - Wednesday 15th August 2018
Day 5 -  Thursday 27th September 2018
Assessment -  early October but date tbc
Contact - Lea Allen for more details.

Course 234 to be held at Murton Equestrian Centre, The Bridle, Murton Village, Shiremoor, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE27 0QD
Day 1 - Monday 30th October 2017
Day 2 - Tuesday 31st October 2017
Day 3 -Monday 18th December 2017
Day 4 - Monday 29th January 2018
Assessment days - 20th February 2018 & 5th March 2018
Contact - Shelley wilson for more details.

Course 235 to be held at The Unicorn, Netherswell, Stow on the Wold, Cheltenham, GL54 1JZ
Day 1 - Sunday 22nd October 2017
Day 2 - Friday 24th November 2017
Day 3 - Wednesday 20th December 2017
Day 4 - Saturday 13th January 2018
Assessment days - 22nd/23rd February 2018
Please contact the Pony Club office for more details.

If you haven’t already done so, you will be required to fill in the UKCC Application Form.

Level 3 Taster Day Thursday 15th March 2018

To be held at Pittern Hill Stables,  Pittern Hill, Kineton, Warwick CV35 0JF

The day is open to coaches who are interested in finding out more about the UKCC Level 3 qualification and will cover:
• An overview of the Training Programme
• What is expected of you, the coach, between Training Days
• What is required to achieve the qualification
• What the Training and Qualification could mean for you
• Constructive feedback on your coaching
• A Personal Action Plan to follow to prepare you for the start of the course in September should you decide to join the 2018 cohort

Time: 9.45am for a 10.00am start until 4.00pm

Cost: £50 payable to The Pony Club in advance of the day, please use this booking form to book your place, alternatively please call 02476 698319.

Who can attend? Suitable for those who hold UKCC Level 2, BHS Stage 3 Coach / BHSAI, Stage 4 Senior Coach / BHSII or have similar qualifications, knowledge and experience. Coaches do not need to have a connection with The Pony Club to attend.

What do participants need to bring and wear? Bring paper and pens and an open mind. The morning is classroom based and all participants will coach in the afternoon so please ensure you are dressed appropriately. Coaches often change at lunch time.  It will be March so bring warm clothes!

Refreshments: Tea, coffee and biscuits/snacks will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

Applications close Thursday 1st March. There are 10 places available on a first come, first served basis.

Please email the following information to and
1. Contact details – name & address, email address, home & mobile phone numbers
2. Qualifications and Competitive history
3. Your current and previous equestrian roles
4. Any CPD you have attended in the last three years, including PC, BHS, BE, BS, BD, and any you plan to attend in 2018
5. Anything else you think is relevant



Cost of Trainingtbctbctbc
Cost of Assessmenttbctbctbc

Need more help? - Contact your local UKCC Coordinator:
Areas 1 & 19 (Scotland): Lea Allen 07801 278785
Areas 2, 3 & 4 (North): Shelley Wilson 07921705174
Areas 6 & 8 (East): Linda Pearce 07970 542011
Areas 7 & 12 (Central): Jackie Minihane 02476 698305
Areas 5 & 9: Jackie Minihane 02476 698305
Areas 11 & 13 (South East): :Jackie Minihane
  02476 698305
Areas 10 & 18 Jackie Minihane jackie@pcuk.orgk 02476 698305
Areas 17 Debbie Osborough 07719 606735
Areas   14, 15 & 16 Jackie Minihane 02476 698305
Check which Area you are in here:

UKCC EQL Registration Form
UKCC Level 1&2 Application Form
Level 3 Application Form
HorseScotland Candidate Application Procedure
Cancellation Policy.pdf
UKCC Candidate Requirements.pdf
Coaching Experience Log Book Pages

Please send all completed forms to the Pony Club office.

It should be noted that where a course date is not attended, without a valid reason for non attendance, an additional fee is payable to join an alternative course of the same level in order to do the course day(s) missed,.

Looking for funding to help with the cost of your coaching course?
The Funding Opportunities for Coaching Guide provides details about funding available to support coaches and coaching across England.  Produced by sports coach UK in partnership with the England Coaching Network the Guide is an interactive PDF that provides information on funding available in England to support coaching.  View it here:

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