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The Pony Club Coaching Certificate in Generic Riding - Open to all!

The Pony Club Coaching Certificate in Generic Riding provides a recognised stamp of quality coaching across all sport and across the UK. This is a government recognised qualification which is accredited by our awarding body 1st 4 Sport.

We offer Levels 1,2 and 3 of the Generic Riding qualification and Level 4 is a Post Graduate Diploma run through the BEF.

What is the difference between each level?

    Level 1 The Level 1 coach is to assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions under direct supervision

    Level 2 The Level 2 coach is to prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions. The technical equestrian knowledge required is around B Test level, and this coach will be able to plan a short series of linked lessons, e.g. for Camp or similar. Applicants must have previous coaching experience.

    Level 3 The Level 3 coach is to plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes This coach has a technical knowledge at around A Test level. This coach could also “mentor” Level 2 coaches who needed support.

    Level 4 Level 4 coaches will be visionary and knowledgeable decision makers who display exceptional skills, behaviors and the highest professional and ethical standards. They will advance their own and others’ development; lead cutting-edge programmes, or a specialist part of a programme; and make a positive impact on sport performance and behavior. Post Graduate Diploma run through the BEF

How does the coaching certificate benefit me?  

The qualification levels makes it easier to identify the right coach for the right job from recreational enjoyment of equestrian sports to winning performance at the Olympics. 

The benefits of gaining this qualification as an equestrian coach include:-

  • Effective, up to date ‘athlete-centred’ coaching skills.
  • A clearer pathway of opportunities for your personal and career development.
  • Access to best practice coaching standards and new coaching ideas developed across the UK by top sports coaches.
  • A greater understanding of high-quality world class coaching.
  • Access to expert advice and support on all aspects of coaching.
  • The satisfaction of helping your riders to achieve their goals
  • Encouragement to be the best coach that you can be.

Level 3 information Day 2019

This day has been postponed, please keep checking back for details of the rearranged date

If you are considering taking your Level 3 with The Pony Club, we are holding our annual information day with our Course Leader’s Lea Allen and Pat Crann. The day will cover the following:

  • An overview of the Training Programme
  • What is expected of you, the coach, between Training Days
  • What is required to achieve the qualification
  • What the Training and Qualification could mean for you
  • Constructive feedback on your coaching
  • A Personal Action Plan to follow to prepare you for the start of the course in September 2019 should you decide to join the 2019 cohort





If you would like to register for any of the listed courses below please Click here here to down load the candidate registration form and return to Katy Downing on
Full course payment is required upon registration.

Course 1009 Widmer Equestrian Centre, Widmer Farm, Pink Road, Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0PC

Day 1 -  Monday April 1st
Day 2 - Monday May 13th
Day 3 - Monday June 24th

Assessment Day 4 - Monday July 8th

Contact - Linda Pearce for more details.

To register you please complete the UKCC Application Form above.

Course 2008 Hall Farm, Main Street, Linby, Nottinghamshire, NG15 8AE

Day 1 - Wednesday 24th April
Day 2 - Wednesday 22nd May
Day 3 - Wednesday 3rd July
Day 4 - Wednesday 31st July

Assessment Day 5 - Tuesday 13th August
Assessment Day 6 - Wednesday 14th August

Contact - Linda Pearce for more details.

Course 239 Hayfield EC, Aberdeen

Day 1 - Thursday 30th May
Day 2 - Friday 31st May
Day 3 - Thursday 27th June
Day 4 - Thursday 29th August

Assessment Day 1 - Thursday 26th September
Assessment Day 2 - Thursday 10th October

Scottish Contact -  Lea Allen for more details.


To register you please complete the UKCC Application Form above.

UKCC Level 3

This course is aimed at experienced knowledgeable Pony Club coaches,  who wish to update their skills, with emphasis on better communication,  better understanding of riders’  needs, and how they learn best. There are also sessions on rider nutrition, fitness and sport psychology.

The course is run over 8 days, divided into four 2 day sessions, with classroom sessions in the mornings and coaching practice in the afternoons. All this is with very experienced tutors, with input from excellent top class coaches from the 3 major disciplines, who will pass on their wealth of knowledge.

On completion of the training days, there will be an assessment day, where the candidate will deliver 2 sessions in front of experienced Assessors.  When the candidate is found competent, they will then be added to the Visiting Coach list for The Pony Club, asked to be Mentors at the Pony Club Championships, and expected to travel to different areas to put their new inspirational ideas and knowledge into practice, and in turn raise the standard of riding throughout The Pony Club in the UK.

Please contact The Training team for further details on 02476 698 300


If you would like to register for any of the listed courses below please Click here to download the candidate registration form and return to Katie Attenborrow on
Full course payment is required upon registration.

2018 Level 3 course dates

Day 1- 13th November, The Unicorn Centre, Gloucestershire
Day 2- 14th November The Unicorn Centre, Gloucestershire

Day 3- 5th March, Swallowfield EC, Lapworth, Warwickshire
Day 4- 6th March, Swallowfield EC, Lapworth, Warkickshire

Day 5- 14th May
Day 6- 15th May

Day 7-
Day 8-

Assessment day- September TBC

Venue TBC


Cost of Training£500£650tbc
Cost of Assessment£150£300tbc

Need more help? - Contact your UKCC Regional Advisor:

Scotland (Area 1 & 19) Pink: Lea Allen 07801 278785
North East (Area 2, & 3) Light Blue: Shelley Wilson 07921705174
North West (Area 4 &5)  Dark Blue: Hilary Wakefield hilaryjw54@gmail.com07976 233695
Eastern (Area 6, 8 & 11) Yellow: Linda Pearce 07970 542011
Central (Area 7, 9 &12) Orange: Antonia Moller 07956 102545
Wales (18 &10) Light Pink: Hollie Cartwright little_miss_shinee@hotmail.com077070 75285
Northern Ireland (Area 17) Green: Debbie Osborough 07719 606735
South West (Area 14, 15, 16) Purple: Anne Bolton 07891081891

UKCC Regional Map


If you are applying for a course in Scotland please see the following link for the application procedure

Horse Scotland Candidate Procedure Guide

Cancellation Policy 2018

Level 1 Registration and Certification requirements
Level 2 Registration and Certification requirements
Level 3 Registration and Certification requirements



Please send all completed forms to Katy Downing on followed by full payment for the course.


Looking for funding to help with the cost of your coaching course?
The Funding Opportunities for Coaching Guide provides details about funding available to support coaches and coaching across England.  Produced by sports coach UK in partnership with the England Coaching Network the Guide is an interactive PDF that provides information on funding available in England to support coaching.  View it here:

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