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Information and forms for Coaches to complete can be found below by clicking on the Coach Directory tab.

One of the objectives of The Pony Club is to give instruction and coaching in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of horses and ponies.  Pony Club Coaches deliver training and support Members to help them develop their riding and horse and pony care skills.

Coaches must base their teaching on The Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship and Instructor’s Handbook in order to avoid conflicting methods. For more information, click on the Pony Club Coaches tab below.

Code of conduct 2017

Pony Club Coaches are divided into four categories according to their use and role within The Pony Club.  Each category has specific requirements, as detailed below.  It is a requirement that all Coaches used by The Pony Club are listed on the Coach Directory.  For more information, go to the Coach Directory tab.


    • Are able to take sole charge of a Pony Club session
    • Ideally with an equestrian coaching qualification
    • Must have all required certifications in place
    • Must attend a CPD course, Safeguarding, DBS, PVG or Access NI, and First Aid certifications
    • Own/have access to a Coaches Folder

    • Must be in full sight and sound of a fully certificated person at all times when in the presence of children and adults at risk
    • Must not derive their main income through coaching
    • Must attend a CPD course
    • Must have a DBS, PVG*or Access NI*, plus attendance at a Safeguarding workshop, if coaching more than three days per month
    • Own/have access to a Coaches Folder

    • Must be unpaid
    • Must be in full sight and sound of a fully certificated person at all times when in the presence of children and adults at risk
    • Will need DBS and safeguarding when coaching more than 3 times in 30 days
    • Own/have access to a Coaches Folder

    • This includes all non-equestrian sports (running, shooting, swimming)
    • Will be used in a Pony Club capacity (e.g. tetrathalon training)
    • Will need DBS, PVG, or Access NI, Safeguarding and First Aid certifications in place

    *Where supervised/volunteer coaches are coaching regularly (i.e. three or more times within any 30 day period) in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, a disclosure check and safeguarding course is required. *In Scotland all four categories of Coaches must have a PVG check if they coach on at least one occasion. Please note the regular and frequent definitions do not apply in Scotland. Please note, coaches who teach across the borders of England and Wales, Scotland and/or Northern Ireland will require a disclosure check for the retrospective country that they are coaching in (DBS, PVG, or Access NI).

  5. Coaching Experience Log Books

    The Pony Club Coaching Experience Log Books are hardwearing loose leaf A5 ring binders containing vital information for Pony Club Coaches to record their coaching practice and development.  Continuous development, in between the required instructor CPD courses, is essential for maintaining and improving the standard of coaching in The Pony Club. The Log Books can be purchased online via The Pony Club online shop at £3.50 each.  Further coaching session pages can be printed from The Pony Club website Coaching Resources page, or ordered from the Training department free of charge.

New coach details can be added to the database by the Branch / Centre (free of charge) or by The Pony Club office, for a fee of £5.  All coaches are responsible for keeping their own details and certifications up to date and in line with the coach requirements. 

Only those people listed on the database, who fulfil the necessary requirements, are permitted to coach or instruct at Pony Club activities.

Forms for Coaches to Complete:

Online Database form - Click on this link to complete the Coach Database Form online via events.pcuk.org

Coach Directory FormThis form can be completed in Word and emailed.

Coach Directory FromThis form can be printed and completed by hand then posted or scanned and emailed.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop Dates & information can be found HERE<

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