The Pony Club’s Training Committee has overall responsibility for all training activities within The Pony Club, and for all elements of horsemanship and horse care within competitions, and also for the commissioning of instructional publications.  They are also responsible for the administration of Tests and for the appointment and removal of assessors for A Tests.

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The office Training Team is made up of Katie & Verity who administrate and facilitate the Training activities and strategy on behalf of the Training Committee. 
To contact Katie- Coaches Executive email or telephone 02476 698319
To contact Verity- Members Executive email or telephone 02476 698327

Training Bulletins

From January 2014, the Training Team will be producing regular Bulletins to ensure that the most up to date information reaches Pony Club instructors, coaches and assessors as quickly as possible.  The bulletins can be downloaded here.

Training Bulletin December 2017

Please note that the Training section of the website has been re-organised since the October 2015 Bulletin was circulated, so some links in these Bulletins may no longer work, but it should be easier to find what you are looking for.  If you can’t find the information you need, please contact the Training Team.

Training Bulletin December 2016
Training Bulletin January 2016
Training Bulletin October 2015
Training Bulletin July 2015
Training Bulletin June 2015
Training Bulletin December 2014
Training Bulletin November 2014
Training Bulletin June 2014
Training Bulletin December 2013

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