Efficiency Tests (E to A) / Polo Test (Higher)

Recommended Minimum Age: Recommended Minimum age 12 / 13 years.


The test is designed to encourage children who have chosen PCP as their main sport to further their knowledge of horsemanship and care of the polo pony.


  • Tack up and turn out - to understand the use of bits, martingales and breast plates.
  • Mount and Dismount
  • To be able to alter stirrups when mounted - using one hand with feet in stirrups.
  • To hold the reins correctly (including single and double reins held correctly for polo)
  • Tighten & Loosen Girth when mounted
  • Use of seat, legs and hands as an aid to increase/decrease pace
  • Position at walk, trot and canter (lightness of seat and ability to take half seat in canter)
  • Turns, circles and figures of eight in all paces (to understand flying changes and to be able to work towards them)
  • Aids for canter and the ability to recognise the correct leg
  • Work independently in an open area
  • Work over heavy poles at trot and canter as an exercise to develop rhythm and balance of the pony and rider


  • Knowledge of the Road Rider Test Level.


  • Care and work of a pony stabled and at grass
  • Elementary feeding and watering (use of common feeding additive e.g. electrolytes)
  • Fittening a pony for competition
  • Basic use of the grooming kit and brush recognition
  • How to ‘put up’ a tail and hogg a mane
  • Washing down and cooling a fit pony
  • Care of the foot and the need for shoeing (including knowledge of correct studs for polo and how to fit them)
  • Tack care and cleaning
  • Basic knowledge of tack fitting and bits (to be able to recognise common bits used in polo and understand the action they have on the ponies’ mouth)
  • Recognition of lameness (including trotting up and turning in hand)
  • Recognition and treatment basic wounds (including when to call a vet and how to treat common injuries seen in a polo pony)
  • Knowledge and application of leg protection for travel and play (including fitting of boots and bandages)
  • Knowledge of rug fitting and type


  • The Manual of Horsemanship
    • Points of the Horse.
    • Mount and dismount (Omit ‘to dismount using the stirrup).
    • The correct length of stirrup.
    • The position of the rider in the saddle.
    • Holding single reins.
    • Handling a horse.
    • Fitting a headcollar or halter.
    • To lead in hand.
    • The parts of a saddle,
    • The parts of a snaffle bridle.
    • Putting on a saddle and bridle
  • Junior Road Rider
  • Riding & Roadcraft
  • Keeping a Pony at Grass


  • DVDs
    • Road Rider
    • Handling and Leading
    • Health and Condition

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