Recommended Minimum Age: 10

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Standards of Efficiency Test Sheet 2016

This is a test half way between D and C.


  • To be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins.


1. Mount and dismount.
2. Know how to alter your stirrups correctly when mounted.
3. Know how to check your girth.
4. Sit correctly at the walk and be able to describe the correct position.
5. Hold the reins correctly and carry a whip in either hand.
6. Walk on a loose rein and shorten the reins.
7. Begin to demonstrate a balanced seat in trot and canter.
8. Count the rhythm in trot of the pony you are riding
9. Correct use of your legs as aids.
10. Simple turns and circles in walk and trot.
11. Show accepted aids to achieve correct canter lead.
12. Rising trot on either diagonal; change of diagonal.
13. Show a few strides of sitting trot through transitions.
14. Walk without stirrups.
15. Ride up and down hills in walk.
16. Ride over a single pole and very small fence.
17. Be able to control a quiet pony in company, on the roads and in the countryside.

What you need to know:
(this is likely to relate to the pony you are riding)

18. To understand and describe the aids to halt, walk, trot, canter, and circles, and be able to apply them.
19. Give a simple definition of a pony working forwards.
20. Be able to explain rhythm - evenness and regularity in trot.

Horse & Pony Care

21. To have some knowledge of care and working a pony at grass.
22. Put on a saddle, snaffle bridle and numnah.
23. Have some knowledge of correctly fitting tack (noseband, throat lash, numnah).
24. Know about elementary care of saddlery (daily bit washing; importance of clean girths, numnahs and saddle cloths).
25. Catch a pony and turn it out in a field.
26. Lead a pony in hand at walk and trot and turn correctly.
27. Names and uses of essential grooming kit.
28. Show how to use a dandy brush.
29. Pick up and pick out feet.
30. Know basic points of the pony. Know colours and markings.
31. Be able to recognise stable rugs, turn out rugs, and rugs suitable for travel and hot sweaty ponies.


  • The Manual of Horsemanship
  • Caring for a Horse or Pony
  • Games, Gags & Guesses
  • Tricky Tests & Teasers
  • Activity Book
  • Junior Activity Book
  • Wallcharts: Points of the Pony; Grooming

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