Recommended Minimum Age: 13

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Standards of Efficiency Test Sheet 2016


This is a Test half way between C and B. Before taking the C+ Test, candidates must have passed the C Test Certificate. 

Riders may be required to change horses or ponies for some flat work. 


  • To become an educated and practical rider.
  • To ride safely over fences at all paces.
  • To gain practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled pony and of a pony at grass.
  • To be capable of riding a well-mannered pony out hunting and in all Pony Club activities.
  • To ride intelligently and with due regard for others on the roads and in the country, and with a knowledge of pace, distance and discipline when riding alone and in groups.


1. Working towards a correct, supple, balanced position on the flat and over fences.
2. Comment on the suppleness of the horse or pony you are riding.
3. Discuss the horse or pony you are riding’s response to the aids and any loss of balance.
4. Apply aids correctly for increase and decrease of pace, turns and circles.
5. Turns on the forehand from the halt.
6. Halt and salute.
7. Show free walk on a long rein or with a loose rein.
8. Show change of leg at canter through trot and talk about the balance of the horse or pony.
9. Know the aids for and show leg yielding at walk.
10. Ride with reins in one hand.
11. Ride up and down steep hills and banks.
12. Jump a variety of fences show jumping and cross country.
13. Jump up and down hill.
14. Identify which fence was jumped the best and why.
15. Jump doubles.

What you need to know: (this is likely to relate to the horse or pony you are riding)
16. Understand the reasons for the equipment the horse or pony is wearing.
17. Discuss the advantages of a correct position.
18. Name the Scale of Training.
19. Discuss whether the horse or pony is working forwards in a suitable rhythm and tempo.
20. Understand the meaning of suppleness in a horse or pony.
21. Know the sequence of legs at all paces.

Horse & Pony Care

Management of Horses and Ponies in work

22. Know and discuss the care, feeding and work of a pony off grass.
23. Know and discuss the care, feeding and work of a stabled pony.
24. Know the importance of keeping the stable and work area clean and tidy.


25. Understand the rules of watering and feeding.
26. Be able to recognise various different feedstuffs and know what each is used for.
27. Understand the importance of bulk in the diet.
28. Know when to feed hay or haylage.

Grooming, bandaging and travel

29. Know the articles of grooming kit and use them effectively.
30. Put on a stable bandage.
31. Prepare a horse or pony for travel, including rugs, travel boots or bandages and tail bandage etc.
32. Load and unload a horse or pony into a trailer or horse box safely.

Foot and Shoeing

33. Describe a hunter (general purpose) shoe.
34. Name the external parts of the foot.
35. Know the structure of the horse’s foot as shown in the Manual of Horsemanship.
36. Know the names of the farrier’s tools.


37. Fit a saddle and bridle.
38. Recognise a variety of bits including snaffles, double jointed snaffles and gags.
39. Understand the action of different bits and their uses.

Health and First Aid

40. Know when a horse or pony is lame.
41. Recognise symptoms of illness.
42. Understand the signs of and reasons for poor condition.
43. Know when to call the vet.
44. Know how to care for a wound until the vet arrives.
45. Put a poultice on a horse’s leg.


Pony Club Publications:

  • The Manual of Horsemanship
  • So You Want to Buy A Pony? – Carolyn Henderson
  • Caring for a Horse or Pony – Carolyn Henderson
  • A Young Person’s Guide to Eventing – Gill Watson
  • To Be A Dressage Rider - Jane Kidd
  • A Young Person’s Guide to Show Jumping - Tim Stockdale
  • Wallcharts: Poisonous Plants; Grooming; Daily Feeding Planner; First Aid for Horses; Rider Safety; Tack.

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