Efficiency Tests (E to A) / C Test- Riding

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Standards of Efficiency Test Sheet 2016


Before being awarded the C Test Certificate, Candidates must have trained for and passed The Pony Club’s Road Rider Achievement Badge or the BHS Ride Safe.

The Test may be taken as a whole or in two parts:

  • C Standard Riding
  • C Standard Horse and Pony Care


  • To understand the importance of, and to be working towards a secure correct balanced seat, independent of the reins.
  • To understand why a correct seat is important.
  • To apply simple aids correctly.
  • To have a knowledge of the care and working of a pony off grass.
  • To be in control of the pony on the roads and in the countryside. To have a proper regard for country lore.


1. Show safe and tidy turn out.
2. Check bridle, saddle, girth and stirrups before mounting.
3. Mount and dismount safely and correctly on either side.
4. Hold the reins correctly and at a suitable length for the work being done.
5. Ride with stirrups of a suitable length.
6. Ride in a secure and balanced seat independent of the reins.
7. Alter stirrups when mounted and check they hang correctly.
8. Tighten and loosen girth when mounted.
9. Use of seat, legs and hands as aids to increase and decrease pace.
10. Ride in balance without stirrups in walk and trot.
11. Demonstrate sitting trot, rising trot on the correct diagonal and change of diagonal.
12. Understand the meaning of and start to establish the pony’s rhythm.
13. Walk on a long rein.
14. Canter on both reins.
15. Ride safely in closed and open order in a group.
16. Ride independently in the open.
17. Ride up and down hill in walk and trot.
18. Show trot and canter in a balanced light seat with stirrups at a suitable length.
19. Ride in a correct, balanced position in walk and trot over poles on the ground as a preliminary to jumping.
20. Ride in a correct, balanced position over small fences.
21. Show a smooth progression from one fence to the next.
22. Show suitable skills to be able to ride in the countryside, across farm land and bridle paths.
23. Open and close gates.

What you need to know: (this is likely to relate to the pony you are riding)

24. Know simple aids and ride turns and circles at walk, trot and canter.
25. Aids for canter on a named leg on a circle.
26. Explain the sequence of legs in trot and canter.
27. Understand the meaning of rhythm and tempo


Recommended reading

  • The Manual of Horsemanship
  • Caring for a Horse or Pony
  • So You Want to Buy A Pony?
  • The Pocket Guide to Equestrian Dress
  • Wallcharts: Points of the Pony; Poisonous Plants; Native Ponies; Tack; Grooming

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