AH Test

If you would like to take your Test in 2019, please complete the AH test nomination form HERE and return this to your Area Representative

Recommended Minimum Age: 17. Only those 16 years or over are eligible for AH Test.

The Pony Club A Test is the highest Test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognised world wide and is very much sought after!  The AH Test is the Stable Management phase of the A Test.  Those who have passed B (horse & pony care) Test only and have been recommended after an assessment by an AH assessor can also take the Test.

The AH Test is divided into four sections; candidates may attempt sections individually or a combination of two, three or four sections. Candidates attempting the full Test (four sections) will be given priority.

The fee is £160 for the full Test, or £60 per section. This is forfeited if the candidate withdraws within three weeks of the Test.

An AH Honours award can be given to a candidate who has reached an exceptionally high standard in all sections of the Test.
Members who pass the full AH Test on one day will be awarded a pass with Distinction.

AH Test Syllabus

AH Test Dates 2019

  • Trent Park EC Area 8- 15th July
  • Ringles Green Farm Area 11- 5th August
  • Comeytrowe EC Area 15- 27th August
  • Brooksby EC Area 6- August 28th
  • Rectory Farm Area 9- September 3rd
  • Ovenstone EC Area 1- September 3rd
  • Alscot Stables Area 7-  September 7th/8th date TBC
  • Blackdyke Farm Area 2- September 18th

Applications will only be accepted on the correct form

AH Test Training

AH Training day details can be found on the A & AH Test Training page.

Test day tips


  • Only wear your gloves when actually lungeing, riding or leading a horse. Do not tack up or bandage with them on; it will make you slow and fumbly
  • When checking tack be methodical, look at both sides and only do it once
  • Always untie the horse when looking at its teeth
  • Always hang up the headcollar, or remove it from box if the horse is not wearing it
  • Always close doors, skip out and pick out feet
  • Always give quantities of food in pounds or kilos, not scoops!
  • To check all tack on horses

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