A Test / Suggested Programme of Training

  • On passing ‘B’ Test and whilst working for A Test Horse and Pony Care read the Test Sheet for ‘A’ Standard. Make sure you fully understand all they imply.
  • Work first on the areas that were weak in your ‘B’ Test.
  • Work continuously on your position in the saddle. Continue to ride as much as you can under instruction.
  • Continue with the progressive training of your own horse, using lateral work and variations within the stride to improve suppleness.
  • Ride as many different horses as you can and practise analyzing what you think about them, using the Scales of Training as a template.
  • Remember that jumping is a major part of the test, so continuous practice on a variety of horses is essential to develop confidence and fluency.
  • Ride trained horses and ride with a double bridle to become confident in its use.
  • Gain competitive experience and learn to handle your ‘nerves’.
  • Try to spend time helping in a good yard where there are plenty of horses at different levels of training including untrained horses.
  • Find someone who is an experienced trainer and who uses and accepts correct Pony Club and BHS methods, and offer your services as an assistant when they are handling and training a young horse.
  • Be observant when looking at horses, so that you train your eye to recognize faults.
  • Visit horse sales and shows, with someone knowledgeable if you can, and make assessments of conformation.
  • Read the list of publications mentioned on the Test Sheet.
  • Help in your Branch as an assistant and then as a junior instructor. Consider taking The Pony Club Coaching Certificate.


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