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If you would like to take your Test in 2018, please send your nomination form and fee in to Jackie Minihane at The Pony Club Office, Nomination forms are available on the Training & Test Nomination Forms page.

Minimum Age: 18

The Pony Club A Test is the highest Test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognised world wide and is very much sought after!

Nominations must be made to The Pony Club Office on the official form having first been sanctioned by the District Commissioner and Area Representative.  The cut off date for submission of applications is 3 weeks prior to the test date. 

The fee for taking the A Test in 2017 is £190. This is forfeited if the candidate withdraws within three weeks of the Test.  Any candidate applying to take their A Test within the three weeks prior to the Test will incur a further fee of £35 (if a space is available).

A candidate who fails one half of the Riding section (either indoor or outdoor riding ) or one half of the Lungeing & Young Horse section of the A Test will need to retake the whole section to gain a pass.  For example a candidate who fails the indoor riding section but passes the outdoor riding section and the lungeing and young horse sections would need to retake both riding sections to obtain a pass.  If a candidate were to fail one half of the Riding section and one half of the Lungeing & Young Horse section they will need to retake the whole test. The fee to retake just the Riding sections in 2017 is £150; the fee to retake the Lungeing and Training the Young Horse sections in is £90.

Candidates who pass all four sections of the ‘A’ Test on the same day will be awarded a pass with Distinction.  The Assessors may convert a Distinction into an Honours pass in the case of an exceptional candidate, and this will be awarded with a purple felt.

A list of recommended reading is given in the A Test syllabus.

More Information

A Tests 2018

  • Thursday 10th May - Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell (cut off date for applications 3/5/18)
  • Wednesday 5th September - Talland (cut off date for applications 5/9/18)
  • Wednesday 19th September - Talland (cut off date for applications 12/9/18)
  • Wednesday 10th October - Talland (cut off date for applications 3/5/18)
  • Cut off dates for applications are listed for information, spaces are usually filled well before the cut off date.  To ensure a space it is recommended that you submit your nomination well in advance.

Applications will only be accepted on the correct form. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Forms, Guides & Handbooks page.

A Test Training dates are available on the Test Training page.

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A Test Passes Roll of Honour

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