Non-Equine Achievement Badges

The full range of non-equine achievement badges can be seen below.

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Bird Watching

Bird Watching Badge

To be able to identify the following: Robin, Blackbird, Great-tit, Blue-tit, Chaffinch, Magpie, Wood Pigeon, Jay, Mallard, Mute Swan, Wren & Kingfisher.

Butterflies & Moths

Butterflies & Moths Badge

To be able to identify popular species of butterflies, recognise the difference between butterflies and moths and understand their life cycle.

Camping - NEW!

Camping Badge

To know when is a suitable time of year to camp and the countryside code for their area. Know basic first aid, food preparation, fire safety and know what to take camping.


Farming Badge

To be able to identify most commonly grown crops, i.e. Wheat, Barley, Oats, Oilseed Rape, Peas, Potatoes and Turnips. To be able to talk about harvesting the same and to have a basic knowledge of making hay/silage. To be able to identify three different breeds of cattle and sheep.

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal Badge

To be aware of danger and your own safety. To have knowledge of how a fire is started.  To have knowledge of what action is to be taken in the event of a fire.  To be aware of fire fighting equipment, and how to use it.  To know why some types of fire extinguishers should not be used on certain types of fires.  To have some knowledge of ways to prevent fires. To understand the role of a Junior Fire Marshal at Pony Club camp.

First Aid (Human)

First Aid (Human) Badge

To be able to treat minor wounds and injuries and to know basic signs of serious conditions and injuries and to know how to get adult help in case of an accident.

Flags of Equestrian Nations

Flags of Equestrian Nations Badge

To have knowledge of eight equestrian nations, their Capitals and flags, competing in the various disciplines.


Fundraising Badge

To understand the need for fundraising, be able to name a variety of recognised equine and animal welfare charities and assist with the organisation of and participate in a fundraising event for a recognised charity – this could be your Branch or Centre of The Pony Club.


Knots Badge

To be able to identify and tie 6 recognised knots from a selection

Map Reading

Map Reading Badge

To be able to follow a route on an Ordnance Survey Map and to point out features marked on same i.e. railway, church, bridleway, footpath, quarry etc.

Pet Sense - NEW!

Pet Sense Badge

Be responsible for the daily care of a pet for 3 months and ensure that it is healthy and happy. Produce a diary showing that you have: Provided a suitable diet, provided a safe place for it to live and given regular exercise as appropriate.

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants Badge

To be able to identify poisonous plants as listed in the Manual of Horsemastership.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Badge

Giving a two-minute talk on any one of the achievement badges. The badge is designed to help aid candidates to speak clearly for Pony Club tests.


Stargazer Badge

To be able to identify 6 different stars/planets/group of stars


Trees Badge

To be able to identify the following: Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Lime, Holly, Yew, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Birch, Hazel and Larch.

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers Badge

To be able to identify the following: Buttercup, Daisy, Foxglove, Bluebell, Cowslip, Dandelion, Primrose, Forget-me-not, Red/White Campion, Snowdrop, Poppy and Clover.


Wildlife Badge

To be able to identify the following: Badger, Fox, Hare, Mole, Otter, Rabbit, Stoat, Weasel, Red/Grey Squirrel, Red/Fallow/Roe Deer.

Working Dogs

Working Dogs Badge

To be able to identify any twelve breeds of working dogs and describe in which sphere they are traditionally used.