Tetrathlon / Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon is the senior discipline to Tetrathlon.  For up to date information regaring Modern Pentathlon please visit the Pentathlon GB website.

Heather Fell, 25 a former Member of the Spooners and West Dartmoor Branch, has established herself as one of Britain’s top modern pentathletes. She burst on the international scene in 2003 by winning the World Junior Championships in Athens, but then suffered a series of shin injuries that seriously restricted her ability to train. However she was back with a bang in 2008 when she took silver in the Modern Pentathlon at the Beijing Olympics. We caught up with Heather to hear about her Pony Club days and memories.


Q: What Branch of the Pony Club were/are you a Member of?

A: Spooners & West Dartmoor

Q: What age did you start riding and when did you join The Pony Club?

A: I was on a horse before I could even walk! I joined Pony Club from the age of eight.

Q: What is/was your favourite Pony Club Activity?

A: I loved Tetrathlon and also Prince Phillip Cup games.

Q: Did you ever go/ have you ever been to The Pony Club Championships, if so how many times and in what disciplines?

A: I went to The Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships - four times!

Q: Did you ever go / have you ever been to The Pony Club Camp and if so what’s you favourite memory? 

A: I did go to camp, and my best memories are of sleeping in a barn, drinking hot chocolate and best of all being with my much loved pony ‘Vicky’.

Q: What do you think The Pony Club can do for young riders?

A: I think The Pony Club is great for showing young riders what all their options are with horses and riding whilst making friends and having an awful lot of fun!

Q: What has been your biggest Olympic Achievement to date?

A: It has to be my silver medal that I won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Modern Pentathlon.

Q: Do you have any Top Tips?

A: Enjoy it….and take the rough with the smooth!


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