Tetrathlon / Tetrathlon Competition Badges

Tetrathlon Competition Badge
Introduction to Tetrathlon Badge

The Pony Club Competition Badge range has been designed to highlight the important issues in each of the nine competitive sports and encourage good training of horses and ponies. The badges are based on The Pony Club Achievement and Mini Achievement Badge ranges, which mainly cover horse and pony care or non-equine related subjects.  We hope that the Competition badges will complete the set of badges and provide riders with fun opportunities to improve their riding or learn new skills in a sport they haven’t tried before.

There are two levels of badge for each Sport:

“Intro to Tetrathlon badge” – for younger or less experienced Members who are just starting out in the sport.  This badge will help you understand the basics to help you get ready to compete. Click here for more details.

“Tetrathlon badge” - for slightly older or more experienced Members who are ready to or have already started to compete in the sport.  It will help you to understand the rules of the sport and what is expected of the horse and rider in order to be successful in a competition. Click here for more details.

Both levels of the Competition Badges can be worked on, practised for and tested during rallies, camps or lessons. Please contact your Branch/Centre if you are interested in taking these badges.

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