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2017/2018 Winter Triathlon

The Winter Triathlon Finals 2018 are to be held at Stantonbury Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes on Sunday 18th March. Competitors will be qualifying at Area competitions across the three classes, Minimus, Junior and Open throughout the Winter.

Commemorative hoodies by Beewear are available for pre-order and collection at the event as well as being available at the Finals at Statonbury. Further details of what colours and sizes are available and how to pre-order can be found here:
Winter Triathlon Finals Merchandise

Times & Teams

Times for the Winter Triathlon Finals are now available. Please note that reception will be open from 8:30am on Sunday and all competitors must register that they have arrived before taking part in their first phase.
Run Heats - Updated 15.03.18
Shoot Details - Updated 15.03.18
Swim Heats - Updated 15.03.18

Please note that the run will now be on a mix of Astro Turf and Grass, with some concrete cross over areas, please bring suitable footwear. Run heats have not been seeded.


Teams 2018

Each Area competition will run under 2017 rules, but the finals in March will run under 2018 rules.

Area Qualifier dates:

14th FebruaryGrangemouth Sports Centre, FK3 9JB
228th JanuaryBarnard Castle School, DL12 8UN
318th FebruarySt. Peters School, YO30 6AB
43rd FebruaryMerchant Taylors School, L23 0QW
518th FebruaryEllesmere College, SY12 9AB
66th JanuaryRatcliffe College, LE7 4SG
73rd FebruaryLudlow & South Shropshire Leisure Centre, SY8 1DR
84th MarchWard Freeman School, SG9 9BT
928th JanuaryRidgeway Leisure Centre, SN4 9DJ
1014th JanuaryMonmouth School Sports Centre, NP25 3NG
1127th JanuaryRye Sports Centre, TN31 7ND and Moat Farm, Iden, TN31 7UU
1221st JanuaryLord Williams School & Thame Sports Centre OX9 2BB
1318th FebruaryBrockhurst School, Hermitage, RG18 9UL
1421st JanuaryLeweston School, Dorset, DT9 6EN
157th JanuaryWellington Sports Centre, TA21 8LL
163rd FebruaryOkehampton School, EX20 1PW & Okehampton Swimming Pool, EX20 1EP
17 (Q1)11th February*Omagh
17 (Q2)25th FebruaryBallymoney Leisure Centre, BT53 7DB
1811th FebruaryCrymych Leisure Centre, SA41 3QH
194th FebruaryGrangemouth Sports Centre, FK3 9JB

*Area 17 Q1 change of date.

Full details of Qualifying competitions can be found on the Tetrathlon Competitions & Events page

What is The Winter Triathlon Competition?

The Winter Triathlon consists of the running, shooting and swimming phases of Tetrathlon. Qualifying competitions take place in each Area and the qualifying Members are invited to compete at the Finals in March.
There are 3 levels of competition which are: Minimus for the 8-11 year olds, Junior for the 12-14 year olds and Open for all Members, including Intermediates, under 25 years old. Each level is split into a boys and a girls competition.

Minimus Competitors Shoot turning targets from 7m (with both hands), Swim for 2 minutes and Run 1000m
Junior Competitors Shoot turning targets from 7m Swim for 3 minutes and Run 1500m
Open Girl Competitors Shoot turning targets from 10m, Swim for 3 minutes and Run 1500m
Open Boy Competitors Shoot turning targets from 10m, Swim for 4 minutes and Run 2000m

Should you have any questions regarding the Winter Triathlon, please contact Helen Hart

• One qualifying competition to be held in each Area

• All competitors must be Pony Club Members

• The two highest placed Members from each class will qualify for the Final.

• If the qualifying Members are not from the Area hosting the competition, then the two highest placed competitors in that Area shall also qualify. This is to ensure that all Areas have the opportunity for 2 competitors from each class qualifying for the Winter Triathlon Final.

• Areas may make up to 3 mixed teams from all classes (i.e.: Girls or boys from each class) to compete at the Winter Triathlon Final.  The idea of these teams is to mix the age groups but we do not want to stipulate the mix as this may cause problems in some Areas due to lack of competitors in some classes. Teams must be declared by the Area Co-ordinator by 5pm on 15th March 2017.

• It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that they inform the organiser before the start of a competition if they have already qualified previously so if they win the qualifying place will be given to the next highest placed competitor.

• Minimus Competitors aged between 8 (On day of competition) - 11 on 1st January 2017
• Junior Competitors aged between 12 -14 on 1st January 2017
• Open Competitors aged 25 and under on 1st January 2017
Please note that competitors that are over 11 years old after 1st January cannot compete as a minimus even if they qualify as a minimus before 1st January.

• Members that are on Pentathlon GB’s Podium Potential Pathway, and above levels, are classed as ‘Pentathlon funded Members’ and are not eligible to compete.

• Minimus: run - 1000 metres, swim - 2 minutes, shoot - 7 metres, turning targets (Can use two hands)
• Juniors: run - 1500 metres, swim - 3 minutes, shoot - 7 metres, turning targets
• Open (including intermediate) girls: run - 1500 metres, swim - 3 minutes, shoot 10 metres, turning targets
• Open (including intermediate) boys: run 2000 metres, swim 4 minutes, shoot 10 metres, turning targets

• All other rules for each phase will be as stated in the Tetrathlon Rule Book

• Winter Triathlon Final prizes: Rosettes 1st - 10th Individuals in all classes and 1st - 10th Mixed Area Teams

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