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Area Tetrathlon Competitions – Hard Ground

The glorious weather we have been experiencing this summer does mean that the ground is very hard, increasing the potential for injury to ponies and horses if they are ridden injudiciously.
Where feasible, courses will water, aerovate, position fences on fresh, un-poached ground and/or supplement take offs and landings with extra material. This is not possible everywhere, and many courses will be firm or hard.

In exceptional conditions such as these, all competitors’ primary consideration must be for the health and well-being of their horse. The focus and learning point must be to ride in a manner that is appropriate for the conditions. This will mean slowing down – almost certainly incurring time penalties as a result – but this matters far less than the welfare of your horse, and returning home sound.

Competition organisers and Official Stewards will seek to ensure this message is broadcast loud and clear. Please seek advice from your instructors if you are in doubt about what speed is appropriate for your horse in the conditions that you find at your Area competition.

Because some Area competitions have already taken place, to maintain a level playing field, we will continue to score the time for all remaining Area competitions. We do not expect time to influence the achievement of the minimum 800 ride score required to qualify for the Championships. However, should time penalties affect minimum scores, Official Stewards will put a case to me for extending an invitation to the Championships to any competitor so afflicted, which I will look upon as favourably as possible.

Happy competing, and keep your horses and ponies safe!

Tim Vestey
Tetrathlon Chairman

Please see below for more information regarding Tetrathlon Area Qualifiers for 2018.

Area 1/19 -  16th-17th July

Venue: Forgandenny & Kilgraston School
Organisers: Scottish Tetrathlon

Area 2/3/4 - 23rd-24th June

Venue:Stapleton Manor, County Durham
Organiser:Andrea Bartlett & Zetland Hunt

Area 5/7 - 14th-15th July

Venue: Whitfield Farm, Stratford Upon Avon
Organiser: Janet Wakeham & Warwickshire Hunt

Area 6 - 7th-8th July

Venue: Showby, Leicestershire
Organiser: Janice Matthews & Quorn Hunt

Area 8 - 21st-22nd July

Venue: Horseheath, Cambridgeshire
Organiser: Sue Knott 

Area 9 - 7th-8th July

Venues: Westonbirt, Malmesbury & Leyland Court
Organiser: TBC

Area 10/18 - 8th & 14th July

Venue: 8th July at Leyland Court, Bristol (With Area 9) & 14th July at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Monmouth
Organiser: Penny Simon

Area 11/13 - 7th-8th July

Venues: Heath Farm, GU7 1UN
Organiser: Sally Bowman

Area 12 - 14th-15th July

Venue: 14th TBC & 15th July at Whitfield Farm, Stratford Upon Avon
Organiser: Barbara Bousfield

Area 14/15/16 - 30th June-1st July

Venue: 30th June at Pontispool Equine, Somerset and 1st July at Wellington Sport Centre
Organiser: Vicky Miller(Entries Secretary)
Times available:
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Area 17 - 13th-14th July

Venue: Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen & Conclaw, Co Monaghan
Organiser: Frances Rolston-Bruce & Fermanagh Harriers


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