Tetrathlon Competitions and Events / Area Qualifiers 2019

Please see below for more information regarding Tetrathlon Area Qualifiers for 2018.

Area 1/19 -  14th July

Venue: Forfar and Auchlishie
Organisers: Scottish Tetrathlon

Area 2/4 - 22nd/23rd June

Venue:Stapleton Manor, County Durham
Organiser:Ellie Andrew

Area 3 - 26th/27th May

Organiser:Justin Dunn

Area 5/7 - 13th/14th July

Venue: Warwick/Ettington
Organiser: Janet Wakeham & Warwickshire Hunt

Area 6/8 - 27th-28th July

Venue: Horseheath
Organiser: Tessa Vestey

Area 9 - 6th/7th July

in conjunction with Area 14
Venues:  Leyland Court
Organiser: Alex Connors

Area 10/18 - 27th/28th July

Venue:  Pembray
Organiser: Lindsay Davis-Wigley

Area 11/13 - 29th/30th June

Venues:Munstead/Walton on the Hill
Organiser: Georgina Kitchener

Area 12 - 13th-14th July

Venue: 13th Chesham Leisure Centre & 14th July at Whitfield Farm, Stratford Upon Avon
Organiser: Barbara Bousfield

Area 14- 30th June-7th July

Venue: Lymington Leisure centre/Leyland Court
Organiser: Nigel Lefroy

Area 15/16 - 29th/30th May

Venue: Bicton
Organiser: Andy Miller

Area 17 - 13th-14th July

Venue:  Dirraw Farm, Mid Antrim
Organiser: Wendy Findlay


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