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This competition will be held at The Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire on Monday 21st August
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Competitors Letter 2017


In the first round all ponies not exceeding 148 cm will jump first. The related distances and combinations will be set accordingly. The distances will then be adjusted for horses over 148cm who will jump after the ponies.


Riders must be 12 years old or above as of 1st January 2017. Riders must have been Members of The Pony Club since at least 29th February in the current year except for Members who are completely new to The Pony Club, who may have joined up until 31st March and still be eligible. Riders may only ride a maximum of three horses/ponies.


Open to any Grade of British Show Jumping/Show Jumping Ireland registered or non-registered horse or pony 14hh (142cm) or above.


Table A9 – The best five scores or all clear rounds qualify for a jump off against the clock. Any faults in the first round are carried forward. Speed 350 mpm


First round: Max Height 1.20m, Max spread 1.25m Two upright fences in the second half of the course at 1.25m.  One double and one treble combination, or 3 doubles.  If the second or third part is a spread it must be on two strides. No three stride distances, no less than five strides before or following the combinations.


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