What is Pony Racing / Ideas for Running a Racing Rally

Topics to Cover

Equicisor - For fitness and balance excercises.

Riding - school/enclosed space and then on gallop/field.



Suggested requirements/facilities for the rally/training session, which could easily take place in an evening.

Equicisor if possible or barrel
- Bridge reins, keeping balance while in a forward racing seat

A school or enclosed space (sectioned off part of a field).
- Be able to shorted stirrups, bridge reins, keep balance while in the forward racing seat riding around.

An area to gallop:-  not necessarily an all-weather gallop but an uphill grass strip (on the side of a field), this could be marked with cones.  With a start and stopping point.

A maximum of eight riders per group, rotate groups around the three areas. 

Depending on the standard of the riders, either the Intro to Pony Racing or Pony Racing Competition badge would be a good basis to use in this session - click for details

  training day

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