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Pony Racing Rule Book 2017

Pony Racing Rules 2017

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Pony Racing Vaccination Regulations and Requirements

The British Horseracing Authority and other event organising authorities recognise the great importance of protecting against Equine Influenza. Therefore they have strict vaccination requirements which must be complied with if you wish your horse to enter their competitions or onto their premises. If you fail to comply with their regulations your horse will be barred from entry onto the site.

  • 1st Equine Influenza vaccination
  • 2nd vaccination after 21 to 92 days from 1st vaccination.
  • 3rd vaccination after 150 to 215 days from 2nd vaccination
  • Thereafter annually, with the last permissible day being the same date as the previous year’s vaccination.

None of the vaccinations must have been given on the day of a race in which the horse is declared to run or on any of the 6 days before the race.

It is the owner or trainer’s legal responsibility to ensure that the horse’s vaccination records comply with the BHA Regulations.

Other Sport Rules

All Rule Books are available for download via our website. It is strongly recommended that you print out or buy a copy of the appropriate sport Rule Book(s) so that you always have it to hand for your competitions. If you wish to purchase a 'hard-copy' of any Rule Book then you can do so from our online shop at a cost of £3.00

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