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QIPCO British Champions Day, The Season’s Grand Finale - Saturday 21st October 2017

NOW join the party in ‘The Fan Zone’ on QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot on Saturday 21st October, when the stars of the Series compete for the most valuable prizes on the biggest stage of all.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a horseracing expert at the QIPCO British Champions Day!

To find out more and register your interest, just click here.

What does the Horseracing Certificate involve?
To earn your Horseracing Certificate at the QIPCO British Champions Day, you will need to complete four activities:

* Go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the racecourse, including a visit to the paddock, a walk out onto the track and check out the weighing room
* Meet a racehorse and learn about the breed
* Go to Jockey School, get dressed up in some jockey’s silks and have a bitesize lesson on one of the racehorse simulators
* Learn about the different tack used by the horses and jockeys on a raceday


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