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Bombers Arena Tournament 2017

The Bombers Arena Challenge saw Pony Club members travel from all around the country for an amazing weekend of polocrosse in the Dallas Burston Super Arena, near Southam, Warwickshire. With players ranging from those on Pony Club and UKPA national teams to those who had only played polocrosse a few times before, there was action of all levels across four grades of play.

The North Warwickshire Branch defended their Open and Open Junior titles from 2016, despite some strong competition from a lot of other Branches.

Their Open team of Katie Loutisou, Amy Harper and Danny Woodward beat four other teams from LLangienor, Rockwood Harriers, Percy Hunt and a mixed team of St David’s and District and North Warwickshire players over the weekend to win the title.

In the Open Juniors the team of Fin Bristow, Tegan Bristow and Theo Cornforth won the competition for the second time, beating the Rockwood Harriers’s Eve Thomason, Paige Wilson and Jess Alderson and a mixed team of Millie Wilson-Fitzgerald (Grafton Hunt), Maeghan Brown (Croome Hunt) and Will Holland (Warwickshire Hunt).

The Novice Juniors grade, which consisted of Junior teams who had not played before 2016 was won by the LLangeinor’s Abbie Phillips, Malkia Beadle and Jaz Cuggy as they overcame the Warwickshire Hunt’s Harriet Wasdell, Jemima Symonds and Sammi Borland and a mixed team of Jerry Owen (St David’s and District), Meg Cummings (North Warwickshire) and Emma Chinn (Ledbury Hunt).

The Minis grade was played as two competitions, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday, with five teams taking part both days. On the Saturday the Warwickshire Hunt won the competition, with their team of Will Holland, Harriet Wasdell and Georgie Wasdell while on Sunday it went to the Rockwood Harriers’ Harry Thomason, Phoebe Sykes and Paige Wilson.

Full results from each grade can be found below:

PX Arena Tournament Results 2017

There were two new awards this year for Best Female and Best Male player across all the grades which Bombers Equestrian Equipment had donated two new trophies for, as well as sponsoring the prizes for the competition.

These two trophies went to Tegan Bristow of the North Warwickshire and Harry Thomason of the Rockwood Harriers. Tegan was picked by those selecting the award as an excellent young player and rider and they were impressed by the fact that, at 12 years old, she was playing in the winning Open Junior team and was very much contributing to its success. Tegan also played in the Minis (12 years and under) competition on the Sunday, where she was very supportive of her team mates and players from other Branches who were less experienced than her.

Harry Thomason, who is 11, was selected for showing over the weekend an exceptional playing ability for his age and for his sportsmanship and ability to stay calm under pressure, as the Rockwood Harriers team came through some hard fought contests to win the Minis competitions on the Sunday.

A big thank you to everyone who helped, we hope to do it all again next year!


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