Polo / What is Polo

Polo is like hockey on horseback! You have to hit the ball into the goal with your polo stick.

Each game is played between two teams with four players on each side. The game is divided into short, six minutes parts known as Chukkas. The more experienced you are, the more chukkas there are in a game.

Can I do It?

Many of The Pony Club Branches and Centres offer Polo as an activity. If you want to become a Member of The Pony Club then you should check that the Branch or Centre you are joining will be able to help you play polo.

If your Branch doesn’t offer Polo as an activity then ask your DC to contact The Pony Club for more information on setting up Polo teams.

Pony Club Polo is split into seven sections:

  • Jorrocks (6 - under 11)
  • Handley Cross (9 - under 14)
  • Surtees (9 - under 14)
  • Loriner (12 - under 16)
  • Langford (under 17)
  • Rendell (16 - under 21)
  • Gannon (under 21)

Jorrocks and Handley Cross are played on general Pony Club ponies that must attend non polo rallies. In all other sections polo ponies can be used.

Jorrocks teams must take part in one qualifying tournament to be able to play at the Championships in August, all other age groups must go to three qualifying tournaments to be able to go to the Championships.


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