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Zone Information

There are 4 Zone Finals that will take place in June and July. Each Team will compete against each other in 10 Events as listed the Mounted Games Rule Book.

The winning team from each Zone will qualify for the Horse of The Year Show, 2nd to 7th places will compete for the final two HOYS places at the Pony Club Championships. The next three places at each Zone that have not Qualified will be invited to compete in an Intermediate Competition at the Pony Club Championships.

Mounted Games Study Days are a great opportunity for everyone to see the new Area and Zone games for the forthcoming season and there is always a Pony Club Official on hand to answer any queries.

All Area Dates & Venues

2ND JULY 2017
AREAS 10/14/15/16/18

8TH & 9TH JULY 2017
SATURDAY AREAS: 3 /4 /5 / 12 / 13
SUNDAY AREAS: 6 /7 / 8 / 9/ / 11

15TH JULY 2017
AREAS 1/2/17/19

North Zone Friendly Schedule- 16th July


If your Team has qualified for the Zones at your Area Competition please read the information below carefully, many congratulations!


To enter online CLICK HERE entries must be done by Thursday 22nd June latest. Entry Fee £120.00 which includes £10 towards First Aid cover.


Please bring this with you on the day correctly completed.

All Team Trainers are reminded that in races where a fifth Member is required, that Member must be eligible under the general rules of entry. If no fifth Member is declared then the team will NOT be eligible to compete in any race requiring five Members. It is recommended that a 6th Member is declared.


Timetable - AlL Zones


Inspection is carried out in Branch alphabetical order. Times will be available on the website before the competition.


Teams will be required to wear their own bibs. In the event of colours being the same the Chief Steward will decide which team will change colours.


are also listed in the 2017 Rule Book, pages 37-42.

Senior Zone Games

Quoits & Cone
Ball Socket Shuffle
PONY CLUB Pole - (Changed from PONY PREP Pole 01/12/16)
Post Box
Tack Shop
5 Flag                
Spare - Ball & Flag

Junior Zone Games

Quoits & Cone (J)
Tennis Ball Shuffle
Tack Shop
Old Sock (Senior)
5 Flag
Spare - Ball & Flag


Will be available for purchase at each Zone final.


South - Stables are fully booked. Penning is £10.00 per night per pony, you will not need to book before hand as a penning manager will be oniste when you arrive to accomodate you.

Central - Stables are available please book. STABLE BOOKING FORM Penning is £10.00 per night per pony, you will not need to book before hand as a penning manager will be oniste when you arrive to accomodate you.

North - No stables are avialable, penning will be available at no extra cost.

Camping is strictly in the lorry park only. The penning is strictly in the area provided. Please take your own fencing equipment, water will be available and gates must be secured at all times.


All will be independent.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the Pony Club Office (not the Zone venue)

Results Southern Zone

Zone Final Senior:

1st – Monmouthshire
2nd – Wylye Valley
3rd - West Hants
4th – Poole & District
5th – Banwen & District
6th – Neath
7th –Dulverton West Foxhounds Hunt
8th – Llangeinor Hunt
9th – Four Burrow Hunt
10th – South Devon Hunt West

Senior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st - Underhill Riding Centre (135 pts)
2nd - Llangibby Hunt (126 pts)
3rd - East Cornwall Hunt (124 pts)

Zone Final Junior:

1st – Poole & District
2nd – Neath
3rd – Monmouthshire
4th – West Hants
5th – Wylye Valley
6th – New Forest Hunt
7th - Dulverton West Foxhounds Hunt
8th – East Cornwall Hunt
9th – Little Margate Centre
10th – Brecon & Talybont

Junior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st – Brecon & Talybont (135 pts)
2nd – Little Margate Centre (132 pts)
3rd – Dulverton West (130 pts)

Results Central Zone Saturday

Zone Final Senior:

1st – East Kent Hunt
2nd – Romney Marsh
3rd – Warwickshire Hunt
4th – Atherstone A
5th – Atherstone B
6th – North Herefordshire Hunt
7th –Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt
8th – West Kent (Sevenoaks) 
9th – Atherstone C
10th – Burton Hunt

Senior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st – Wheatland
2nd – South Norfolk
3rd – West Kent Sevenoaks

Zone Final Junior:

1st – Atherstone
2nd – West Kent (Sevenoaks)
3rd – Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt
4th – United Pack
5th – Warwickshire Hunt
6th – Romney Marsh
7th – Ashford Valley Hunt
8th – Wheatland
9th – East Sussex
10th – Old Berkshire Hunt

Junior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st – Essex & Suffolk
2nd – Easton Harriers
3rd – Wheatland

Results Central Zone Sunday

Zone Final Senior:

1st – Oakley Hunt West
2nd – Badsworth Hunt  
3rd – Staff College & Sandhurst  
4th – Rockwood Harries
5th – Flint & Denbigh Hunt
6th – Sir WW Wynn’s Hunt
7th – Bramham Moor Hunt  
8th – Bisley & Sandown Chase  
9th – East Cheshire
10th – Tanatside

Senior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st – Isle of Man
2nd – Bramham Moor Hunt
3rd – Bisley & Sandown Chase

Zone Final Junior:

1st – Sir WW Wynn’s Hunt
2nd – Bramham Moor Hunt
3rd – Oakley Hunt West
4th – Rockwood Harriers
5th – Cheshire Hunt South
6th – Sinnington Hunt
7th – Staff College & Sandhurst  
8th – Hurworth Hunt
9th – Garth South
10th – Lancaster & District  

Junior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st – Chipping
2nd – Hurworth Hunt
3rd – East Cheshire

Results Northern Zone

Zone Final Senior:

1st –  Eglinton Hunt
2nd –  West Perthshire
3rd -  Morpeth Hunt A
4th –  Lanark & Upperward
5th –  Strathearn
6th –  Orkney
7th –  Route Hunt
8th – Cumberland Farmers Hunt South
9th – Iveagh
10th – Cleveland Hunt

Senior Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st - Moray & Nairn – (151 pts)
2nd - Morpeth Hunt B – (145 pts)
3rd - Cumberland Farmers Hunt North – (143 pts)

Zone Final Junior:

1st – Cumberland Farmers Hunt North
2nd – Iveagh
3rd – Strathearn
4th –  Eglinton Hunt
5th – Morpeth Hunt
6th –  Cleveland Hunt
7th -  Fife Hunt
8th – Berwickshire Hunt
9th –  Lanark & Upperward
10th – Mid Antrim

Junior- Tack & Turnout Competition:

1st -  Fife Hunt (147 pts)
2nd - Morpeth Hunt - (146 pts) 
3rd - Cumberland Farmers Hunt North – (144 pts)

Central Zone Saturday 27th June
Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell
Areas 3, 4, 5, 12, 13
Areas 6, 7, 8, 9, 11

Senior Results

1stBadsworth Hunt49 pts run offHorse of the Year Show
2ndSir W W Wynn’s Hunt49 pts Championship Runners up Competition
3rdEast Chesire46 pts run offChampionship Runners up Competition
4thBranham Moor Hunt46 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
5thOakley Hunt West29 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
6thStaff College & Sandhurst27 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
7thGlaisdale Hunt20 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
8thYork & Ainsty North14 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
9thGarth South12 pts run offChampionship Intermediate Competition
10thPendle Forest & Craven Hunt12 pts run offChampionship Intermediate Competition


Tack & Turnout
1stIsle of Man
2ndBadsworth Hunt
3rdRockwood Harriers


Junior Results   
1stSir W Wwynn’s Hunt53 ptsJunior Championship Competition
2ndCheshire Hunt South31 ptsJunior Championship Competition
3rdRockwood Harriers23 ptsJunior Championship Competition
4thStaff College & Sandhurst22 ptsJunior Championship Competition
5thBramham Moor Hunt21 pts Junior Championship Competition
6thSinnington Hunt20 ptsJunior Championship Competition


Tack & Turnout
1stLancaster & District
2ndHurworth Hunt
3rdCheshire Hunt South

Central Zone Sunday 28th June
Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell
Areas 6, 7, 8, 9, 11

Senior Results

1stRomney Marsh A 65 ptsHorse of the Year Show
2ndAtherstone Hunt48 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
3rdEast Kent Hunt40 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
4thNorth Herefordsire Hunt31 pts run offChampionship Runners up Competition
5thNorth Warickshire31 pts Championship Runners up Competition
6thRomney Marsh B26 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
7thWarickshire Hunt25 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
8thWest Kent (Sevenokas)19 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
9thBurton Hunt14 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
10thCotswold Vale Farmer’ Hunt A 11 pts Championship Intermediate Competition


Tack & Turnout
1stCotswold Vale
2ndWest Kent Sevenoaks
3rdEaston Harriers


Junior Results   
1stAtherstone Hunt A49 ptsJunior Championship Competition
2ndRomney Marsh30 ptsJunior Championship Competition
3rdNorth Warickshire 29 ptsJunior Championship Competition
4thNorth Norfolk 23 ptsJunior Championship Competition
5thTickham Hunt23 ptsJunior Championship Competition
6thAtherstone Hunt B 22 ptsJunior Championship Competition


Tack & Turnout
1stWheatland Hunt
2ndGrove Hunt
3rdNorth Norfolk

Southern Zone 5th July
Taunton Racecourse
Areas 10, 14, 15, 16, 18

Senior Results

1stMonmouthshire58 ptsHorse of the Year Show
2ndWylye Valley56 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
3rdWest Hants47 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
4thNeath A38 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
5thLlangeinor Hunt23 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
6thBanwen20 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
7thNeath B18 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
8thBisley and Sandown Chase17 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
9thDulverton West Foxhounds (North Molton) Hunt15 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
10thSouth Devon Hunt (West)14 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
11thLlangibby Hunt12 pts 
12thEast Cornwall Hunt10 pts


Tack & Turnout 
1stBisley and Sandown Chase
3rdLlangibby Hunt


Junior Results   
1stDulverton West Foxhounds (North Molton) Hunt39 ptsJunior Championship Competition
2ndMonmouthshire hunt33 ptsJunior Championship Competition
3rdPoole & District31 ptsJunior Championship Competition
4thWest Hants30 ptsJunior Championship Competition
5thBanwen26 ptsJunior Championship Competition
6thSouth Devon Hunt (West)24 ptsJunior Championship Competition


Tack & Turnout 
1stMonmouthshire Hunt
2ndCurre Hunt
3rdWest Hants

Northern Zone – FRIDAY 31st July
Kirkton Farm, Doune
Areas 1, 2, 17, 19

1stStrathearn50 ptsHorse of the Year Show
2ndLanark & Upperward A46 pts Championship Runners up Competition
3rdEglinton Hunt44 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
4thOrkney42 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
5thAngus29 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
6thLanark & Upperward B25 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
7thWest Perthshire25 ptsChampionship Runners up Competition
8thIveagh15 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
9thTanatside Hunt15 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
10thTynedale Hunt14 ptsChampionship Intermediate Competition
11thMorpeth Hunt13 pts 
12th Duke of Buccleuch’s hunt12 pts 
13thMoray & Nairn9 pts


Tack & Turnout 
3rdWest Perthshire


1stCumberland Farmers Hunt North45 ptsJunior Championship Competition
2ndMorpeth Hunt34 ptsJunior Championship Competition
3rdCleveland Hunt33 ptsJunior Championship Competition
4thStrathearn25 ptsJunior Championship Competition
5thSouth Northumberland23 ptsJunior Championship Competition
6thEglinton Hunt A22 ptsJunior Championship Competition
7thLanark & Upperward17 pts 
8thDuke of Buccleuch’s Hunt16 pts 
9thIveagh15 pts 
10thNorth Down12 pts 
11thBennachie11 pts 
12th Eglinton Hunt B8 pts 
13thFife Hunt7 pts


Tack & Turnout 
1stCumberland Farmers Hunt North
2ndFife hunt
3rdDuke of Buccleuch’s Hunt



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