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Royal Windsor Horse Show

Every year at the Royal Windsor Horse Show there is a competition called the DAKS Home International Mounted Games Championships. Teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland compete for the title.

All Members chosen to compete at Royal Windsor Horse Show must have attained their Pony Club ‘C’ test. Members can attend the Trials but will need to have successfully achieved the test before RWHS.

Trial Dates 2019

Northern Ireland - 3rd March - Danescroft Equestrian, Waterloo Road, Lisburn.
Wales - 3rd March - Radfords Equestrian Centre
England - 10th March - Dallas Buston Polo Grounds (8-12pm)
Scotland - 17th March - Morris Equestrian Centre (10-1pm)

Trial Games Long List 2019


Well done to all Teams

1st - England - 134pts
2nd - Wales - 109pts
3rd - Scotland - 96pts
4th - Republic of Ireland - 70pts
5th - Northern Ireland - 53pts

Results 2019

Stable Trophy Competition

1st - England
2nd - Wales
3rd - Republic of Ireland


Well done to all Teams

1st - England 209pts
2nd - Scotland 176pts
3rd - Republic of Ireland 171pts
4th - Wales 136pts
5th - Northern Ireland 78pts

All ScoresResults- All Sessions

Stable Trophy Competition

1st - Wales 279pts
2nd - Scotland 246pts
3rd - Republic 245pts
4th - England 244pts
5th - Northern Ireland 240pts


Well done to all Teams

1st - England 205pts
2nd - Scotland 194pts
3rd - Republic of Ireland 183pts
4th - Northern Ireland 126pts
5th - Wales 94pts

All Scores- Please note session 5 & 6 swapped over Results- All Sessions

Stable Trophy Competition

1st - Wales 477.5pts
2nd - England 469.5pts
3rd - Scotland 460.5pts

4th- Northern Ireland 440pts
5th - Republic of Ireland 360pts

Sunday – FINAL

1st England 130
2nd Wales 127
3rd Scotland 105
4th Republic of Ireland 94
5th Northern Ireland 49

Stable Trophy Competition

1st Northern Ireland 228
2nd Wales 227
3rd England 222


The Pony Club would like to thank DAKS for once again generously sponsoring The Pony Club Mounted Games at Royal Windsor - a partnership which has been in place for 40 years!


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