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Six teams will compete in each session over the first three performances at HOYS. The teams are awarded points according to their placing in each round and the winner of The Virbac 3D Worming Cup will be the team finishing with the most points after Thursday afternoon’s round. This competition gives each team time to relax into the event and get some last minute practice in.


Prince Philip Cup Final Results 2017

Well done to all of the Teams that competed in the P.P.C!

CHAMPIONS 1st - Oakley Hunt West - 123 pts
2nd= - West Hants - 99 pts
2nd= - Eglinton Hunt - 99 pts
4th - Romney Marsh - 83 pts
5th - North Herefordshire - 46 pts
6th - Banwen & District - 44 pts

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Stable Cup Competition Results

1st - West Hants
2nd - Banwen & District
3rd - North Herefordshire Hunt

Prince Philip Cup Final Results 2016

What an amazing week, and a nail biting final! Well done to all of the Teams.

CHAMPIONS 1st - East Kent Hunt - 108.5 pts
2nd - Oakley Hunt West - 105 pts
3rd - Monmouthshire - 97.5 pts
4th - Romney Marsh - 95 pts
5th - Wylye Valley - 44 pts
6th - Eglinton Hunt - 42 pts

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Stable Cup Competition Results

1st - East Kent Hunt
2nd - Oakley Hunt West
3rd - Monmouthshire

Prince Philip Cup Final Results 2015

1st Monmouthshire 118
2nd Romney Marsh 117
3rd East Cheshire 85
4th Lanark & Upperward 82
5th Strathearn 52
6th Badsworth Hunt 37

The Virbac 3D Worming Cup Result

1st Romney Marsh 35
2nd= East Cheshire 26
2nd= Monmouthshire 26
4th Lanark & Upperward 23
5th Strathearn 20
6th Badsworth Hunt 17

Stable Competition Results

1st - Badsworth Hunt
2nd - Monmouthshire
3rd - Lanark & Upperward

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Mounted games were first introduced at the 1957 Horse of the Year Show as an enduring challenge trophy and has been an integral part of this world famous equestrian event ever since. Young riders from across the country give their all, racing against rival teams to win the historic Prince Philip Cup - the cup donated by Prince Philip himself. At Prince Philip’s own request, the competition was designed for “ordinary children on ordinary ponies” and that objective has remained to the present day.

For each race, the atmosphere is electrifying as crowds cheer for their favourite team. A high degree of athletic ability, hand-to-eye coordination and a competitive spirit is needed alongside the ability to work as a team. The skill and expertise of the riders, vaulting on and off their ponies often at high speeds, is incredible to watch.

Over 150 teams from across the country challenge for the six finalist places at HOYS each year. Qualifying rounds are held in 19 areas across the UK. The top teams from each area then go on to compete in the zone finals in June / July.

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