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If your Team has qualified for the Championships at your Zone Competition please read the information below carefully, many congratulations!

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Tack & Turnout Timetables


List of Games

Zone Games will be played for the Runners Up Competition, Intermediate Competition, Junior and Pairs Championships, please see the Mounted Games Rule Book.


Vaccinations must be up to date and must accompany you to the Championships, checks will be done before you are allowed to compete.


Camping is strictly in the lorry park only. The penning is strictly in the area provided. Please take your own fencing equipment, water will be available and gates must be secured at all times.
Please complete the Online Booking Form Click here to Book

Declaration Forms

Please bring this with you on the day correctly completed. All Team Trainers are reminded that in races where a fifth Member is required, that Member must be eligible under the general rules of entry. If no fifth Member is declared then the team will NOT be eligible to compete in any race requiring five Members. It is recommended that a 6th Member is declared.

Tack & Turnout

Inspection is carried out in Branch alphabetical order.
Times will be available here shortly.

Team Colours

Teams will be required to wear their own bibs. In the event of colours being the same the Chief Steward will decide which team will change colours.


Will be available for purchase.

Line Stewards

All will be independent.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Pony Club Office -

The Just Chaps Mounted Games Championships

Well done to all the teams that have competed at the 2017 Mounted Games Championships.


1st – York & Ainsty North- 53 pts
2nd – Burton Hunt- 48 pts
3rd – Romney Marsh B- 44 pts
4th – Cotswold Vale Farmers B- 42 pts
5th – Lord Leconfield- 34 pts
6th – Llangibby Hunt- 31 pts
7th – South Devon Hunt West- 24 pts
8th – Oakley Hunt West B- 14 pts


1st- Lord Leconfield
2nd- Burton Hunt
3rd- York & Ainsty North


Session 1

1st – Morpeth Hunt- 32 pts
2nd – Atherstone Hunt- 31 pts
3rd – Cheshire Hunt South- 27 pts
4th – Monmouthshire- 25 pts
5th – Amman Valley- 23 pts
6th – Neath- 22 pts
7th – North Herefordshire- 22 pts
8th – Eglinton A- 20 pts
9th – Iveagh- 18 pts
10th - Cotswold Vale Farmers- 17 pts
11th – Badsworth Hunt- 14 pts
12th – Cleveland Hunt- 11 pts


1st- Morpeth Hunt
2nd- Cheshire Hunt South
3rd- Badsworth Hunt

Session 2

1st – Sinnington Hunt- 39 pts
2nd – Poole & District- 38 pts
3rd – Romney Marsh- 36 pts
4th – West Kent Sevenoaks- 31 pts
5th – Wheatland- 26 pts
6th – Wylye Valley- 18 pts
7th – North Northumberland- 17pts
8th – Rockwood Harriers- 35 pts
9th – Oakley Hunt- 14 pts
10th – Sir WW Wynn’s- 13 pts


1st- Wheatland
2nd- West Kent Sevenoaks
3rd- Rockwood Harriers


1st – Atherstone Hunt- 51 pts
2nd – Amman Valley- 42 pts
3rd – Neath- 28 pts
4th – Morpeth Hunt- 25 pts
5th – Cheshire Hunt South- 23 pts
6th – Monmouthshire- 21 pts
7th – West Kent Sevenoaks- 17 pts
8th – Wheatland- 15 pts
9th – Romney Marsh- 14 pts
10th– Sinnington Hunt- 10 pts
11th – Poole & District- 10 pts
12th – Wylye Valley- 8 pts


Session 1

1st – Morpeth Hunt A- 48pts
2nd - Cotswold Vale Farmers A- 44 pts
3rd – North Herefordshire- 36 pts
4th – Atherstone B- 33 pts
5th - Staff College & Sandhurst- 31 pts
6th – Lanark & Upperward- 30pts
7th – Pendale Forest- 27 pts
8th – Poole & District- 26 pts
9th –  Strathearn- 17 pts
10th – Eglinton- 15pts
11th – Badsworth Hunt- 13 pts


1st- Badsworth Hunt
2nd- Morpeth Hunt
3rd- Lanark & Upperward

Session 2

1st –  West Perthshire- 50 pts
2nd – Atherstone A- 45 pts
2nd - Banwen & District A- 45 pts
4th – Bramham Moor- 39 pts
5th – Sir WW Wynn’s B- 30 pts
6th –  Warwickshire- 29 pts
7th – Sir WW Wynn’s A- 20 pts
8th –  Llangeinor Hunt A- 17 pts
9th – Cumberland Farmers Hunt South- 16 pts
10th – East Sussex- 13 pts
11th – Neath- 11 pts


1st- Cumberland Farmers Hunt South
2nd- Bramham Moor
3rd- East Sussex


1st - Banwen & District A- 41 pts
2nd – North Herefordshire- 40 pts
3rd- Morpeth Hunt- 37 pts
4th – Atherstone A- 31 pts
5th – Warwickshire- 29 pts
6th – West Perthshire- 29 pts
7th - Cotswold Vale Farmers A- 27 pts
8th – Bramham Moor- 25 pts
9th – Atherstone B- 22 pts
10th - Staff College & Sandhurst- 17 pts
11th – Sir WW Wynn’s B- 16 pts
12th – Lanark & Upperward- 16 pts

The EQUI-TREK Mounted Games Championships

Well done to all the teams that have competed at the 2016 Mounted Games Championships.

Intermediate Results
Junior Results
Senior Results

The EQUI-TREK Mounted Games Championships

Well done to all the teams that have competed at the 2015 Mounted Games Championships.

Junior Results
Intermediate Results
Senior Results



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