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The 2018 Eventing Rule Book is now available to download -

Eventing Rule Book 2018

Eligibility Rules 2018

Amendments to Pony Club Eventing Rules 2018

Whilst the Pony Club is committed to easing the restrictions on where and when a Member may compete, it retains a strong concern that welfare of the horse/pony should be a significant element of any changes to rules.
In light of this the Eventing Committee with the concurrence of the Rules and Compliance Committee, has made a change to the rules applicable to Pony Club Eventing 2018.

The change is to include a new rule in Rule 33 - Eligibility (page 43 of the 2018 Rulebook) after paragraph 2 as follows:
2a No horse may compete at more than one level of Eventing at Area or above (PC90, PC100, or PC110) in any one year nor may any horse be ridden more than once in any one year in any of the qualifying competitions or at the Eventing Championships.

NB:  Attention is also drawn to existing Rule 1 (Page of the 2018 Rulebook) which applies to ALL Pony Club Eventing and includes the following: A horse may only compete once on any given day.

Amendement to Pony Club Eventing Rules 2018 – May 2018
Rule: 34. PC110, PC100 & PC90 Area Competitions & Championship Qualification (page 45)
a) Each Pony Club Area will organise a qualifying competition.  Branches will compete with their own Areas.
Teams of four or three Members from each Branch of The Pony Club in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (best three scores to count).  The Following Qualify for the Championships .....

Eligibility - Amended April 2018
The following revised FAQs have been produced to help you understand the Eligibility Rules for Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventing Area Competitions and the Championships:-
FAQs 2018 - revised May 2018

The Eventing Committee has also identified an omission from the Rulebook in Rule 32 d) – Cross Country (page 33 of the 2018 Rulebook) which should include the following :

32 d Marking the Course.  Additional paragraph:
At PC 110 Area and Championships.  There will be no ‘L’ Alternatives.  All alternatives will be marked with Black Line Flags.

Dress and Saddlery Rules

Note regarding Tack Checking at Branch and Area competitions in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing
Please note that, although The Pony Club would like competitors to use plain tack and dress, there is nothing in our rule book to stipulate this.
There is a perception that The Pony Club only allows completely plain tack and dress. We do not want The Pony Club to be saddled with an ‘old fashioned’ label. We would rather retain members and educate them, than alienate them.
The most important aspect of the Tack Check is the safety element, i.e. checking that the stirrups are the correct size, that hats are tagged and that stitching is safe and secure etc.
Tack Check Card Dressage 2018
Tack Check Card Show Jumping 2018
Tack Check Card Cross Country 2018

Hunter Trials

There are no official rules for organising and judging hunter trials, but there are some guidelines for organisers in the Eventing Organisers’ Handbook.

Other Sport Rules

All Rule Books are available for download via our website. It is strongly recommended that you print out or buy a copy of the appropriate sport Rule Book(s) so that you always have it to hand for your competitions. If you wish to purchase a 'hard-copy' of any Rule Book then you can do so from our online shop at a cost of £3.00

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