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BE Pony Club Classes

In recent years, it has become more difficult for The Pony Club, particularly in some peripheral regions, to sustain the quantity and quality of classes needed to provide competition opportunities for Members. It was recognised that some BE events in these regions have the capacity to accommodate more competitors and are therefore in a position to assist Pony Club Members wishing to gain more competition experience.
In an initiative to benefit both organisations, British Eventing Organisers may hold Pony Club sections at their events. This is a cost-effective way to provide competition opportunity for Pony Club Members, while at the same time increasing the viability of BE events. 

Many BE Organisers have close relationships with the Branches in their area and, if they jointly identify a need, can apply to run Pony Club Sections at BE80(T), BE90, BE100 or Novice level. These sections will be run under BE rules.  Organisers who wish to run a PC section must liaise with the local PC Area Representative to avoid clashes with other PC competitions, particularly Area competitions in all disciplines in that Area.

The sections are be open to Pony Club Members in the year of their 12th to 25th birthday.  Competitors wishing to take part in these sections will either have to be Full Members of BE or be in possession of a Training Day Ticket, priced at just £10 for both horse and rider. These can be obtained on the BE Website under Training Tickets. 

For more information on the BE Pony Club classes, visit the British Eventing Website.

Regional Training

All Pony Club Members are invited to attend any of British Eventing’s U18 Regional Training if they wish to participate in any further training to that offered by their Branch.

For more information on the BE U18 Regional Training, visit the British Eventing Website.

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