Endurance / Information for Organisers

Information for Organisers

Please see the downloads below for more information for those looking to organise an Endurance ride.

If you need any help or further information about Endurance Riding please contact The Pony Club Office endurance@pcuk.org


Running an Endurance Ride

Performance Formula Ready Reckoner

Vet Sheet Template

Is your Branch or Area holding an Endurance event in the near future? Please contact endurance@pcuk.org

All Members who have successfully completed a Pony Club Endurance ride are entitled to a completion rosette of the appropriate level. These are available to order, by Ride Organisers, from The Pony Club Headquarters at a cost of £2.00 per rosette for Branches and Centres. Members competing at EGB/SERC/ILDRA events are also entitled to a completion rosette, however these must also be ordered by the Ride Organiser.

For more information about completion rosettes please contact The Pony Club Office.

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