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What is Endurance

There are 5 different levels of Pony Club Endurance Rides - each ride differing in distance.  The Robin and Merlin Training rides are of a shorter distance and are an ideal introduction to the discipline - these are open to Members from the age of 5 years old and over. 

There are 4 classifications of Competition/Qualification ride which are called Merlin (Grassroots), Kestrel (Novice Qualifier), Osprey (Intermediate Qualifier) and Eagle (Open Qualifier).


What is an endurance ride?
It is a ride, usually over open country, along a specified route for a set distance with specific speed requirements.  You will be issued with a map of the route a few days before the competition which you will need to study carefully and measure, in order to plan your ride pace and finish in time. There will be checkpoints along the route at which you must ensure the steward records your competitor number.  Most competitive rides also require the horse or pony to be vetted before and after the ride. 

The main body for overseeing Endurance Riding in England and Wales is Endurance GB, in Scotland it is SERC and in Ireland it is ILDRA

The Pony Club are working closely with these bodies to ensure that Pony Club Members will have access to rides run by all these bodies as well as those run by Pony Club Branches, Centres and Areas.




How do I enter Endurance GB, SERC, ILDRA rides?
Log on to the appropriate website.

Schedules for the whole year are available.

Download an entry form. Fill in and write “The Pony Club” in top right hand corner. Send in to the Ride Secretary at least two weeks before the ride.

Maps, starting times and other information will be sent to you approximately one week before the ride.


What is my ride Master Card and why is it important?
Your ride Master Card forms the only acceptable record of your endurance riding achievements - it is therefore a very important document, which it is your responsibility to hand to the Ride Secretary at the start of each ride.  The Secretary will complete and validate your card each time you compete.  No awards will be back dated due to loss of a card or failure to present it on the day.  There are three reasons this rule is so strictly adhered to; 

1. For welfare reasons equines are not usually allowed to compete at more than 10 endurance rides in a year.  The record card allows secretaries to monitor this.

2. As riders can compete at events run outside The Pony Club, it is not possible for The Pony Club or ride secretaries to verify results for qualification and certificates otherwise. 

3. Your Master Card is your only proof of performance and failure to produce it on the day will result in your entry being withdrawn, which would be disappointing to all involved.

It is imperative that you collect a Master Card from your Branch/Centre Secretary in advance of your first ride, and that you take it to every Endurance Ride that you participate in. You will not be allowed to ride if it is not presented to the Ride Secretary in advance of the ride.

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