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The Pony Club Endurance Championships 2017 Schedule and Entry Information - 8th October 2017


Following the Endurance Committee and Branch input we are pleased to have found a solution for the Endurance Championships. Firstly it is important that every member must be given a reasonable chance to compete at the Championships but secondly that the Championships and Endurance must not run at a loss. For 2017 the Championship result will come from amalgamating the scores from the two venues, using the performance formula to get the overall result. Whilst the Championship competition will remain in its original levels (the two rides will only have Grassroots, Novice, Intermediate and Open) these are available for all members from the age of 8 to 25 (therefore Seniors and Juniors).

The Pony Club Ride Venues

1. New Park Rufus, Brockenhurst in Hampshire (SO42 7QH)
2. Royalties, East Lindsley, in South Lincolnshire (PE22 7LU)
They both run on Sunday 8th October. You will need to choose which venue you wish to compete at. These are EGB rides and will be run under EGB rules please note that supervising riders can each only look after two junior riders (different from our rules).

Class New Park RufusRoyalties
Open55km (35+20)52km (32+20)

To Qualify

Horse/rider need to have successfully completed three rides of the appropriate distance. No qualification is needed for the Grassroots.

To Enter

Fill out The Pony Club Entry form available HERE this must be done by 10th September 2017. Cost is £10.
In addition you MUST ensure copy of your Rider Mastercard is sent to the Endurance Secretary at The Pony Club

Go to the EGB website and enter the appropriate class and venue this MUST be done by 25th September 2017. Write PC Championship on your entry.
ADULT SUPERVISORS Go to the EGB Website and enter the appropriate class and venue this MUST be done by 25th September 2017. Write PC Championship on your entry.


If you wish to make up a Branch or Area Team of 3 to 6 competitors, their names must be notified to the Pony Club Official at the ride before the start of the competition.
Maps and Starting Times: Will be sent out to you by the EGB Secretary 3 to 4 days before the competition.

The Ride

Both rides will be run under EGB rules. Remember all Junior Riders (under 13yrs on the day of the competition) need to be supervised by an adult rider with the maximum of two children to one adult. Tack will be checked for fit and safety before the start of the ride. Your hat must be tagged and a medical armband must be worn.


If you would like to order an endurance Championship hoodie- please click here Your Endurance Hoody


The Pony Club Performance Formula found on page 21 of The Endurance Rulebook will be used for the Championship results, where the results of both rides will be amalgamated to achieve the overall winners. We appreciate the ride distances are slightly different the Performance Formula will level out this difference. At each ride there will be rosettes kindly donated by the Bedale and West of Yore Pony Club to be handed out.
Stabling and accommodation: Details in the EGB schedule.

The EGB Pony Club Points Leagues will now continue until the end of the season.
EGB Point League Table- CLICK HERE

Royalties, East Lindsley


New Park Rufus, Brockenhurst


Adult escort riders are required, for health and safety reasons for all Junior riders.  They are not permitted for Seniors in the main championships but are optional for Seniors in the Grassroots classes.
Please note that in the spirit of the Pony Club and fair competition, adult escorts are there purely for the riders safety.  They are NOT expected to pace the riders or do the map reading for them.

All escort riders must enter the appropriate escort class for which there will be an entry fee.  All escort horses will be vetted. As there is a pleasure ride happening alongside the Championships you will be entered into these classes and will be eligible for the relevant awards.

The Endurance Championships was held at The Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire in 2014 & 2015.
The route ran through the beautiful Castle grounds and surrounding areas including the Bolesworth and Harthill Estates.

Results 2015

Results 2014

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