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The Pony Club Endurance Championships

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Cancellation of Pony Club Endurance Championships

It is great regret that, due to lack of entries, I have to announce the cancellation of the Pony Club Endurance Championships. This is a real shame for all those who have already entered and for those who are just about to, but a minimum of 60 entries would be needed to allow the event to pay for itself and at the moment we don’t even have a quarter of these.
For this year (and maybe in future years) the seasons champions will be decided by using the Pony Club Endurance league tables which can be found on the EGB website.  Points can now be obtained until the end of the season, which gives all members the opportunity to go out and participate in a few more rides before the season closes.

Adult escort riders are required, for health and safety reasons for all Junior riders.  They are not permitted for Seniors in the main championships but are optional for Seniors in the Grassroots classes.
Please note that in the spirit of the Pony Club and fair competition, adult escorts are there purely for the riders safety.  They are NOT expected to pace the riders or do the map reading for them.

All escort riders must enter the appropriate escort class for which there will be an entry fee.  All escort horses will be vetted. As there is a pleasure ride happening alongside the Championships you will be entered into these classes and will be eligible for the relevant awards.

The Endurance Championships was held at The Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire in 2014 & 2015.
The route ran through the beautiful Castle grounds and surrounding areas including the Bolesworth and Harthill Estates.

Results 2015

Results 2014

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