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Endurance Senior Open Winner

Endurance Championships 2019

On Thursday 15th August, 2019, The Pony Club Endurance Championships was held at Euston Park alongside the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival UK Endurance Masters. This provided Members with an opportunity of a life time to be part of an International event where professional Endurance riders from all over the world were competing.

Staged across some of the best Endurance tracks in the UK, the Pony Club Championships was organised by HPG Endurance ltd, part of the HPower Group, and in collaboration with Endurance GB.

Results and a report from the competition can be found here: Endurance Championships 2019 - Results and Report

Royalties, East Lindsley


New Park Rufus, Brockenhurst

The Endurance Championships was held at The Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire in 2014 & 2015.
The route ran through the beautiful Castle grounds and surrounding areas including the Bolesworth and Harthill Estates.

Results 2015

Results 2014

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