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Endurance GB

Riding with EGB is a great way to keep up with your Endurance training - so why not see if there is an event near you.

Pony Club Members can register as Club members on the EGB system (see under Joining), this issues an EGB membership number which is used all year.  Pony Club members can enter EGB rides at members rates.

When entering add the words PONY CLUB to the top right of the paper EGB entry form OR they can register for free with EGB as club members which then allows them to enter EGB rides online.

Endurance is part of the Pony Club disciplines and endurance rides organised by Endurance GB allow the riders to progress and compete in the Pony Club Endurance Championships. For more details please see here

Endurance GB are offering Pleasure Rides and Endurance Rides (Endurance Ride being the collective term for Graded Endurance Rides and Competitive Endurance Rides).

In a Graded Endurance Ride (GER) successful horses receive a Grade on completion based on pulse rate and speed. In a Competitive Endurance Ride (CER), successful horses are ranked in order of completion. Competitive Endurance Rides may only be entered by advanced horse/rider combinations, and are for those wishing to complete 80km or more in a day.

Endurance in Ireland

Do you live in Ireland or Northern Ireland? Are you looking to try Endurance riding? ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) offers Pony Club Members the chance to take part in many of their events - allowing you and your pony to get a taste of what Endurance really involves! For ride schedules, please visit the ILDRA website for more information.

Points League

Important notice for those wishing to gain points in the Pony Club Endurance Points League.  You need to make sure you are registered with EGB.  If you are already a full EGB Member (as well as a Pony Club Member) please email Emma Darwood at EGB Headquarters with your EGB number and your PC registration number so you can be linked into the PC End points table.
Those of you who have taken out EGB CLUB membership for PC Members do not need to as they will already be linked into this system.

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