Dressage / Riders Test

This test focuses on the effectiveness and influence of the rider rather than the way of going of the horse, so is well suited to younger children and smaller ponies. Competitors can ride any Pony Club test (usually set by the Organiser of the competition), and the Judge marks the rider using the Riders test score sheet.

Sometimes two Judges are used; one marks the test using the Dressage test score sheet and the other marks it using the score sheet for the Riders test. The results can be very different and it gives everyone two chances at gaining a rosette!

The Riders test is well suited to younger children and smaller ponies, because the focus is on the rider’s balance and relaxation etc. rather than the pony’s way of going or outline. Therefore, Branches running Junior Dressage classes are strongly encouraged by The Pony Club Dressage Committee to use the Riders test.

Any Branches running the Riders Test can be provided with rosettes for the Riders test section/class, please email laura@pcuk.org. Guidelines for judging the test are also available.

Riders Test

Riders Test Guidelines

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