Safeguarding Courses

The Pony Club considers the safety and enjoyment of young people whilst participating in any horse sport to be paramount. The Pony Club recognises that it has a duty of care towards young people and adults at risk. The British Equestrian Federation (BEF), in conjunction with The Pony Club, BHS and RDA, have developed the Safeguarding and Protecting Children course to raise awareness of these issues within the equine industry as well as to provide detailed guidance on what to do if certain situations arise.

All Pony Club coaches, officials and volunteers who work in regulated activity on a regular, frequent or overnight basis must have attended an approved Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop in the past three years.

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All individuals who carry out a role involving Regulated Activity on a regular, frequent or overnight basis must attend an approved safeguarding workshop. The only exception to this rule is at residential camps, where each night a minimum of two overnight supervisors must have attended an approved safeguarding workshop.

Safeguarding Workshops - Who Should Attend?

There are two types of workshops available - face-to-face and online refresher. Individuals who carry out a role involving regulated activity must attend an approved safeguarding workshop. The first approved workshop attended should be face-to-face. This may be followed three years later by an online refresher course. However, as a minimum, individuals should attend a face-to-face course every six years.

Information about face-to-face safeguarding workshops can be found here.

Information about online refresher safeguarding courses can be found here.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies
The cancellation and transfer policies can be found here.

If you are unable to attend a Pony Club Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop, any British Equestrian Federation Accredited Course or SportsCoach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course is accepted. You must provide evidence that you have attended one of these courses in the past three years via a certificate.

BHS offer the BEF accredited course. These courses are listed here.

SportsCoach UK courses are listed here.

The Pony Club feels it is important to acknowledge an individual’s prior learning and consider relevant environments that they may have worked in previously. As a result, we have an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) Procedure in place which enables us to consider an individual’s prior learning as being suitable for the purposes of coaching or volunteering within The Pony Club.

The following APL procedure is applicable for all those applying for all roles within The Pony Club, including UKCC qualifications, volunteer roles and coaching roles, who hold safeguarding qualifications which are not the BEF / The Pony Club Safeguarding workshop or a SportsCoach UK course (please refer to “Alternate Approved Courses” for more information on these).

Documented evidence (e.g. certificate) must be provided along with this form, including a list of the course content (e.g. via a handout or copy of presentation slides).

The APL Procedure form can be downloaded here:
APL Procedure



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