Safeguarding / Safeguarding Requirements

As a voluntary youth organisation for young people within an equestrian environment, The Pony Club has a duty of care to children and young people. Therefore, reasonable measures must be taken to avoid unsuitable people being able to gain access to young people, including disclosure checks and safeguarding training.

There are legal requirements that anyone carrying out a role in regulated activity must meet. These include the requirement to obtain a clear disclosure check and to attend safeguard training on a regular basis in order to fulfill their role effectively. For more information on Regulated Activity, disclosure check requirements and safeguarding workshop requirements, please refer to the respective tabs below.

Regulated activity is defined as any role where the person is expected on a regular or frequent basis to:

- Teach, train, coach, instruct or otherwise educate a member;
- Work unsupervised with the member;
- Have responsibility for the member;
- Have responsibility for supervising, commissioning, or managing anyone who has responsibility for a member; or,
- Have responsibility for discipline or welfare of a member.

Supervision is defined as “in full sight and sound at all times”.

Regular contact is defined as carrying out the activity once or more per week.

Frequent contact is defined as carrying out the activity four times or more in a 30 day period.

Overnight supervision is anyone who is with a group of children / adults at risk between the hours of 2am and 6am regardless of whether she / he is officially “on duty”, awake or asleep.

Those who are not directly involved or supervised whilst working with children / young persons may not be classed as working in regulated activity. For example, roles including competition or jump judges, parents who help with their own child only, and general stewards.

Rule 14B of the Health, Safety and Safeguarding Rulebook provides more detail on Regulated Activity and the positions which would come under this definition. This can be downloaded here:
Regulated Activity

Anyone carrying out regulated activity must complete a disclosure check before being allowed to work or volunteer for The Pony Club. This check must be enhanced and current. Disclosure checks are referred to differently across the UK. These are as follows:

England & Wales - DBS checks
Scotland - PVG checks
Northern Ireland - Access NI checks

More information about the requirements for disclosure checks can be downloaded here:
Disclosure Check Requirements

More information about disclosure checks and how to apply for one can be found here.

All individuals who carry out a role involving Regulated Activity on a regular, frequent or overnight basis must attend an approved safeguarding workshop. The only exception to this rule is at residential camps, where each night a minimum of two overnight supervisors must have attended an approved safeguarding workshop.

More information about the requirements for safeguarding workshops can be downloaded here:
Safeguarding Workshops Requirements

More information about disclosure checks and how to apply for one can be found here.



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