Other Relevant Policies / Social Networking

The Pony Club is aware that much interaction now occurs online for both adults and young people, especially through the use of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. With this in mind The Pony Club has produced two policies relating to Best Practice when using Social Media outlets, for both Officials and Volunteers, and also young people. These policies can be downloaded in the tabs below.

Section 22 of the Health, Safety and Safeguarding Rulebook outlines guidance for coaches and volunteers in relation to social networking and communication with Pony Club members. This can be downloaded below:

Social Networking

The guidelines for best practice in helping to promote The Pony Club can be downloaded below. These guidelines are aimed at Branches and Centres who are currently using or thinking of using Social Media to promote The Pony Club.

Best Practice for Social Media

Guidance for Official, Employees and Volunteers
Many people already use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is essential that you keep both yourself and young people safe online and, as an adult, you have a key role to play in actively promoting these safety messages.

E-Safety Guidance for Officials, Employees & Volunteers

Guidance for Parents and Guardians
The internet, especially social networking sites, are becoming more popular amongst young people. We have developed this guidance to equip parents and guardians with how to keep themselves and their children safe online.

E-Safety Guidance for Parents & Guardians

Guidance for Young People
This leaflet gives a few simple pointers to helps young people stay safe online.

E-Safety Guidelines for Young People



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