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Pony Club events provide a good opportunity for parents / guardians to celebrate their child(ren)‘s achievements when taking part in sporting activities. They also offer the opportunity to promote the Pony Club, the Branch / Centre and/or the sport further. Photography is not banned at Pony Club events, but appropriate safeguards should be put in place to ensure a safe sporting environment for children and young people when taking part in activities. This includes both the taking of photographs and videos, and their use after an event. Gaining permission from parents and members is an essential part in ensuring a child’s safety and wellbeing.

The Pony Club’s policy on Photography at Events can be found below. It incorporates guidance on the use of photographers at events and the checks which could be carried out, the use of images and videos to represent The Pony Club and/or the equine sport, and the need for parental permission before taking or using photographs of children.

Photographs at Pony Club Events

A Branch or Centre may wish to commission a professional photographer at their events. Alternatively, parents or spectators may wish to photograph or video at an event. Either way, precautions should be taken to ensure that those individuals have permission to take photographs of members, and that they have clearance to work with children.

Therefore photographers should be known to the District Commissioner / Centre Proprietor or event organiser before they are allowed to take photographs at Pony Club events. Professional photographers, parents and spectators intending to take pictures should also be asked to register at the event before they are allowed to photograph or video.

The DC, Centre Proprietor or event organiser may also wish to carry out a disclosure check on photographers prior to the event starting to ensure they have clearance to work with or around children. Some form of identification should be worn at all times whilst in attendance at the event so that people are aware who they are and what they are doing.

For more information, please refer to the ‘Photographs at Events’ policy.

It is essential that Branches and Centres gain permission from the person with parental responsibility and the member (if over 18 years) before taking pictures of children and/or using those images to represent the sport. Below are photographic consent forms for Branches and Centres to use to gain parental permission.

For Branch Members
Branch Photographic Consent Form

For Centre Members
Centre Photographic Consent Form



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