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Safeguarding Guidelines for Residential Camps (below) are intended as guidelines for Branch and Linked Centres as part of their residential camps during the summer in order to assist them with safeguarding procedures. These are also applicable to other residential visits and excursions. Guidance is available for general residential issues, parental involvement, codes of conduct and discipline, dealing with ill or upset children, medicine, substance abuse and transportation in this document.

Safeguarding Guidelines for Residential Camps/a>

Camp is usually the highlight of the year. It can be expensive to run and some Branches / Centres subsidise the cost to their Members by using funds raised through their competitions and activities. It is a special time when members can really progress in their riding and develop new skills both on and off their ponies. As members have to work in groups all week, they learn life skills. For some members it is the first time that they have stayed away from home for several nights. Camp can take many forms:

- Senior Residential Camp
- Junior (Day) Camp
- Mini Camp

We have developed guidance to help with the organisation of camps. These are available to download below:

Camp Information

Additional Camping Information

Camp - Catering Information

In most instances it is the responsibility of the parents, and not the Pony Club, to transport the individual child / adult at risk to and from the nominated meeting point. However, at times this may not be plausible and the Branch or Linked Centre may consider organising transport for members. The Transporting Children Policy has been developed to help organisers ensure they are doing everything that is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of members and all involved.

Transporting Children Policy



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