Disclosure Checks / DBS (Info for Applicants)

This section provides guidance to those who need to obtain an initial or renew their DBS check. For further information on how Clubs can go about obtaining DBS checks for their coaches, staff and volunteers, please click here.

What are DBS checks?
Disclosure checks for England and Wales are referred to as Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) checks. There are three levels of DBS checks – basic, standard and enhanced. The Children’s and Adults’ Barring List can also be inclusive on a criminal record check for those who carry out roles with children and/or adults at risk (please refer to regulated activity for more information). The amount of detail provided on disclosure certificates vary depending on the level of check required.

What do I need for Pony Club?
For the purposes of The Pony Club, staff and volunteers are required to have an enhanced check with child barring list.

Do I need to update my DBS check?
Yes, DBS checks must be updated every three years.

What is the cost?
DBS checks cost £54 for anyone who carries out a paid role, e.g. coaches, and cost £10 for those in a voluntary role, e.g. officials or event supervisors.

Coaches and volunteers should get in touch with their Club Safeguarding Officer, DC or Centre Proprietor in order to obtain a DBS check for Pony Club.

DBS checks carried out by other organisations in England and Wales can be accepted by The Pony Club providing they meet the following criteria:
• The DBS check is enhanced with the child barred list
• The DBS check was issued in the last three years
• The original certificate has been seen and it has been confirmed that the individual is clear to work with children.

The following document outlines the procedure which should be followed in these circumstances.
Use of Disclosure Checks from Other Organisations

Self Disclosure Form
Self Disclosure Form

Note: Disclosure checks in Scotland and Northern Ireland must be specific to the organisation employing the individuals, i.e. The Pony Club, and so this information does not apply to Clubs in these areas.

A number of people have signed up to the DBS update service when initially obtaining their certificate. If a coach, official, volunteer or staff has opted for the update service then this can be applied to The Pony Club. Written permission must be sought before checking an individual’s disclosure status online.

The following document outlines the procedure which should be followed in these circumstances.
DBS Update Service

DBS Update Service Consent Form



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