Disclosure Checks / DBS (Info for Clubs)

The following information is for Branches and Linked Centres only. If you are a coach or volunteer and you need to update your DBS check, please click here.

Options for DBS
There are two options that Clubs and applicants can choose from in order to obtain DBS checks:
• Online system
• Paper form

What are the pros and cons for these options?
Online System
• Quick and easy to use
• Average turnaround period of 2-3 weeks for DBS results
• You receive an electronic copy of certificates which means you do not need to chase applicants to see their certificate
• Over 420 Branches / Centres are already registered with good reviews

Paper Forms
• High level of administration involved
• Average turnaround period of 3 months for results
• You must see hard copy of certificate

Which option is best for us?
We have found that Clubs who have registered for the online service much prefer this option to the paper forms and have received excellent feedback.

How can we open an account?
To register your Club for an account, please complete the following forms:
• Registration Entry Form
• Form of Agreement

The Registration Entry Form provides the details required to set up an account. The required fields, identified with an asterix / star (*) must be completed with the designated main contact and nominated persons’ details, as these are essential to set up an account for the online service. Please ensure the information provided here is correct and there are no spelling errors.

The Form of Agreement outlines the requirements for the account and what you, as the ‘employer’, must do when carrying out DBS checks so we recommend that you keep a copy of this for your own records too. This agreement must be completed fully, and signed by the designated main contact and all nominated persons (ID Checkers) for the Club. You can nominate as many ID Checkers as you wish (a minimum of 2 is required), but bear in mind the confidential nature of this information whilst deciding. When completed, please can you return the completed Form of Agreement to the Safeguarding Team via email or by post. We will then send these off to Disclosure Services and get an account set up.

For more information, please contact Stef Brazier (click here).

How do we update details for an existing account?
You will need to complete the same steps outlined in the registration process (above). Note: please ensure you select ‘Updating details for an existing account” option when completing the Registration Entry Form.

For more information, please contact Stef Brazier (click here).

How do we find out if our Club has an account?
If you are uncertain as to whether your Club is already set up for an account, you can contact Stef Brazier (click here) to find out.

ID Checkers Guide
ID Checkers Guide to Online DBS System

How do I request paper forms?
You can request a stock of paper forms by emailing Stef Brazier, click here.

Paper DBS - Instructions for ID Checkers
ID Checker Instructions

DBS Coversheet
Coversheet for DBS Paper Forms

Paper DBS - Instructions for Applicants
Applicant Instructions



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