Disclosure Checks

Policy: Before anyone can carry out a role in regulated activity / work (see Key Definitions), they must complete a disclosure check and show the certificate they obtain to The Pony Club. This check must be enhanced with child barred list and current (i.e. within the last three years).

What are disclosure checks?
Disclosure checks, also known as Criminal Record Checks, are a background check to a person’s criminal history or police record. Generally it is used by potential employers to assess an individual’s suitability for certain jobs or voluntary work, particularly with children or adults at risk, or when fostering or adopting children.

If a person’s disclosure check comes back with content on (i.e. they have convictions or cautions of any kind on their police record) then this will be shown on their certificate in the format of: court / police area, date of conviction / caution, offence and sentence / disposal. It will only show factual information, not specific details about the circumstances surrounding the conviction.

Types of Disclosure Checks
Disclosure checks are referred to differently in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The type of criminal record check you require is based on where you work in the UK, not where you live.

• England DBS
• Wales DBS
• Scotland PVG
• Northern Ireland Access NI

To find out more information about how to obtain a disclosure check, please select the appropriate tab below (based on where you work in the UK) and follow the instructions provided.

Are you a coach or volunteer? Click here.

Are you enquiring on behalf of the Branch / Linked Centre? Click here.

Are you a coach or volunteer? Please click here.

Are you enquiring on behalf of the Branch / Linked Centre? Please click here.

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When employing new coaches, volunteers or staff or updating their certification, Clubs must ensure each person holds a clear disclosure check (DBS, PVG or Access NI). If a disclosure certificate has content on it, this must be considered by the Central Safeguarding Team (CST), at the Pony Club Office, for a decision to be made on the suitability of the individual to work or volunteer with children.

The following document outlines:
• the policy for disclosures with content
• the rationale used when considering these
• the procedure that will be followed.

Disclosures with Content



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