Dealing with Concerns / Discipline at Pony Club Events

Discipline in sport should always focus on positivity!

Pony Club should provide structure and rules that allow members to learn to set their own goals and strive to achieve them, and encourage young people to become more responsible for themselves and independent. Discipline may be necessary on rare occasions to indicate to members, parents / guardians, supporters, officials or volunteers that their behaviour is not acceptable or appropriate at Pony Club activities and competitions.

This document outlines the procedure which should be taken when formal disciplinary action is required for consistent bad or inappropriate behaviour or excessively poor behaviour, whether this is being shown by members, parents / guardians or officials and volunteers.

1. Investigate / look into the allegation to ascertain the basic facts and whether there are any witnesses.

2. Establish an appropriate course of action.

3. Give a formal verbal warning.

4. Subsequent bad behaviour within a two year period should result in a formal written warning being given.

5. Continuous poor behaviour or behaviour which is considered to be detrimental to other members, parents or officials may result in suspending or terminating memberships, or banning parents / guardians from Pony Club activities with immediate effect.

More information on these steps and the appeals process can be found below:

Disciplinary Action

The Pony Club is committed to developing a culture which is safe and acceptable for those involved in the organisation to raise concerns about unacceptable practice and misconduct. Although you may not feel able to express your concerns, the child should always be protected from unnecessary risk and harm.

The Pony Club’s Whistle Blowing Policy aims to support those who suspect a safeguarding concern, and point them in the direction of the person of whom to raise their concern with so that appropriate action can be taken. More information can be found below.

Whistle Blowing Policy



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